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  1. Honestly, the whole clinic component is a big reason why I didn't attend NYU online. You only do two 4-day stints in their clinic before doing externships, which for me would not have been enough since I had no related experience! If you've been an SLP-A or had other closely related experience, though, maybe that would be fine. But yeah, many other programs have you do six weeks or so in the summer, which I think would be enough of a clinic experience. The downside to that, of course, is the cost and inconvenience of relocating for six weeks.
  2. bibliophile222

    Columbia or NYU?

  3. Hello! I got an online post-bacc and might be able to help: Like most things, there are pros and cons to doing a post-bacc vs. a 3-year grad program. One of the pros of a post-bacc is that it will probably be cheaper than getting the prereqs through the grad program. Second, a high GPA from a post-bacc may make you more attractive to grad programs, since they know you will do well with the material. Since you already have a Masters, this might not matter as much, since they know you can handle grad school! Applying to a post-bacc program is also extraordinarily easy. I entered my personal info, sent my transcripts, wrote a short personal statement, and that was it. The con of a post-bacc is that prereqs vary (sometimes widely) by program, so if you don't know which grad schools you are applying to, any post-bacc should contain a wide enough range of courses that you are covered wherever you go. This can be tricky. In my case it worked out mostly fine: I took audiology and aural rehab as one combined 4-credit class, but my program requires them to be 2 separate 3-credit courses. They let me count the audiology portion, but I have to take aural rehab again this summer for it to count. As far as I know, where you do your post-bacc doesn't matter, unless maybe if you're applying to really high-ranked programs(?). As long as it's accredited, you should be fine. Go for whatever is cheapest. There also should be plenty of post-bacc programs that require zero on-campus attendance. I live in the Northeast and I did my post-bacc through Pacific University in Oregon--definitely did not have to go there in person! As far as online grad programs go, I think most require you to go on campus for anywhere from 3-6 weeks, but I know NYU only requires two 4-day weekends in person. Since you were out of school for a while, I think a post-bacc might be the best way to get LORs. If you make an effort to attend virtual office hours and contribute meaningfully to class discussions, you can use online professors for recommendations. It might be a lot harder to find LORs if you jump right into a grad program. Many schools want at least 2 of the recs to be from faculty, not work or volunteer. In summary, I'm definitely a proponent of a post-bacc, since it helped me quite a bit. I think the major con is not knowing for sure which prereqs to take for various schools. However, in your case, I think the post-bacc would be worthwhile so you can get some LORs. If you do go the post-bacc route, I recommend Pacific University!
  4. bibliophile222

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    Same! It's like pulling teeth to get myself to do even the most basic writing task--except posting in Grad Cafe, of course. 😁
  5. bibliophile222

    weed for studying, anyone use?

    I haven't had any in years (my God is it expensive!) but when I did smoke it was purely for relaxation, at the end of the day when I didn't have any responsibilities. I've read books high, but only pleasure reading. My math abilities also go down the tube, so I personally would not recommend it. Chances are, if you ever get to the point where you can function normally on it, like study or go to work (my old roommate) you have a pretty serious dependency on it. Not good.
  6. bibliophile222

    How did you find TheGradCafe?

    I was searching for information on speech pathology post-bacc programs. I posted twice to get some advice, then forgot about it for six months. I then read on a blog that you absolutely should not start checking the results page because it would ruin your life. The rest is history.
  7. bibliophile222

    ASHA pre-req change

    For everyone who has used a class other than physics or chemistry to count as the physical science requirement: I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but looks like no one else has posted this yet. I recently received an email from our program director stating the following: There have been some changes that are going into effect in 2020 for the pre-requisites. I have just been alerted of this information. Please see below: · Applicants for the CCC-SLP will be able to apply under the 2014 SLP standards until December 31, 2019. · Beginning January 1, 2020, applicants for the CCC-SLP will only be able to apply under the 2020 SLP standards. 2014 Standards 2020 Standards Standard IV-A: Applicants must have knowledge in physical sciences, which should be acquired through coursework in chemistry or physics. Standard IV-A: (New Applicants Only) The required knowledge in physical sciences must be acquired through coursework in chemistry or physics. I thought I was all set because my program was willing to count my astronomy class from a million years ago, but now I have a busier summer ahead of me. It would have been nice to grandfather in everyone already enrolled in a grad program to not make them take on even more work in grad school. On the plus side, they still don't have a lab requirement, so that's something.
  8. bibliophile222

    GWU'S SLP Prerequisites

    I haven't applied there, so I can't speak from experience, but here is the course description: "For department majors in their senior year. Assessment of speaker–listener behavior; acoustic, behavioral, and linguistic properties of speaker intelligibility and credibility; observation, analysis, and modification of speech and language comprehension and expression. Laboratory fee. Restricted to seniors." That doesn't seem to clarify matters that much. It sounds like a lab where you observe/assess conversation (including behavior and the role of the listener), but it's still pretty vague as to the extent of the "modification" component--maybe how the speaker/listener has to modify conversation to make meaning? Making this a course on the overall give-and-take of conversation? Confusing, and a pretty weird pre-req. I'm not sure if I've seen anything similar, if it is actually what it sounds like. I would definitely contact admissions about this and see how they describe it and what similar pre-reqs would look like. Good luck!
  9. bibliophile222

    2018 Speech Pathology Graduate Applicants

    Ugh, you're so right! It feels like they make the application process so difficult on purpose just so they can weed out the less motivated applicants! I mean, what other possible reason is there for the existence of CSDCAS?
  10. bibliophile222

    Personal Statement

    Just be honest if you can! I said that i liked that the cohort is small (which I read here!) and that the location is great. I mean, I phrased it in better terms than that, but I think if you're truthful you won't sound cheesy. Another option is to look up the faculty and see if any of them are doing research in your area of interest. I did this for one program (didn't get in, but still a good option). Of course, if the only reason you're applying is because it's a cheap program, maybe come up with something else!
  11. bibliophile222

    Submitting Early

    You can submit whenever you want, the LORs are a separate deal. For all the programs I applied to, I entered their email addresses and then the school (or CSDCAS) sends them information on how to submit. One of mine wasn't submitted until 2 weeks past the deadline and I was fine*. *DO NOT ATTEMPT! May vary by program and is very stressful!
  12. bibliophile222

    How do you decide?

    How long do you have to decide? It might be worth holding off to see if Emerson offers scholarships. When the time comes, take the cheaper school. Worst case scenario, if you accept CSUN and then Emerson offers a giant scholarship you could forfeit the deposit (I don't know if all schools have deposits, but a lot do) for CSUN. It might feel awkward, but it happens, and it would just free up a slot for someone else.
  13. bibliophile222

    Need some encouragement!

    Yes, Master Clinician is great! You do have to pay for it, but it's only 35 bucks a year, so it's a good investment.
  14. Ditto on the Lenovo Yoga, it's the best computer I've ever owned. Super light, portable, durable, good audio, fast, good battery life, etc. I'm not sure about the 15 inch screen, but I got the 11 inch screen on Amazon for $375. I do remember it was an extra 100 or so to get the 14 inch. I feel like if you look around on various websites you could find a 15 inch for less than $600. I probably should have splurged on the 14 inch, since the 11 inch screen can be a little small. If I were 10 years older I might have issues with the small print!
  15. Ditto! You took my post! 😁

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