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  1. bibliophile222

    2019 Speech Pathology Graduate Applications

    Hi! I'm in my second semester at UVM and am happy to answer any questions you may have. It's not the cheapest program out there but there are some scholarships available. I think it's a pretty high quality program and I'm enjoying it (as much as I can be, considering it's grad school).
  2. Hi! I got my bachelors and post-bacc online, and I would definitely not be worried about taking an online post-bacc if I were you. For one thing, colleges typically can't tell that it was from an online program if you take it from a school that has a physical campus. Some colleges may still be hoity-toity about accepting people with online B. A.s, but online CSD post-baccs are pretty common now. I got my post-bacc through Pacific University. I enjoyed it and found it to be as challenging and informative as an in-person program.
  3. bibliophile222

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    The semester's barely begun but I'm still procrastinating and feel like I have writer's block. It's seriously only a page and I can't handle it. I'm desperately updating Grad Cafe and Reddit to try to find something else to distract me from my work, but I think I'm going to have to buckle down and actually write. Aaaah! I thought break would refresh me, but I think it killed some brain cells instead.
  4. bibliophile222


    Is this a poll or an essay question you need answered? Don't know what else to say other than that English is a global lingua franca...
  5. bibliophile222

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    It's my last day of break and I didn't want to do anything academic today, but one of my professors finally uploaded the syllabus and assigned a bunch of readings for our class on Tuesday. So now I'm reading (well, procrastinating reading, but same thing) instead of binge-watching The Office.
  6. bibliophile222

    What are your 4 dream jobs? Are you qualified for any of them?

    If you ever need a co-host, count me in!
  7. bibliophile222

    Academic Update Verification

    To the best of my understanding the academic update isn't mandatory, it's just for reporting new grades. Have you checked the FAQ? It might give you more information if you want, but I wouldn't worry about it.
  8. bibliophile222

    Should I retake the GRE?

    Yeah, the standard goal that applicants are advised to aim for is a combined score of 300+ and an AW of 4.0 or higher. You've definitely surpassed this by quite a bit, so congratulations and relax! If your GPA is also high then you could qualify for some merit scholarships depending on where you go.
  9. bibliophile222

    Good academic planners?

    I have a planner by Day Designer that I love. It's laid out hourly on weekdays, with a week fitting on two pages. Under each day there's a Tonight box, and up above there's a Priority section with little boxes you can check off. I write my assignment due dates up top (and get to check them off when I'm done!) and write my daily targets (readings, etc) in the night and weekend boxes. I also like it because it's not huge or tiny, has rings which makes it easy to stay open, and has a plasticky cover which protects it from getting wet.
  10. bibliophile222

    The Positivity Thread

    I hear you--I'm 32 and it took me forever to feel somewhat sorta kinda like an adult, but now I feel ancient sometimes! Enjoy your youth while it lasts, you have so much time and opportunity spreading out before you. Congrats on the interview!
  11. bibliophile222

    Typo After Submitting Application

    I think most people looking back at their SOPs will find at least one thing about it they wish they had done differently! I reread mine the other day and found at least three things that I could have written differently. I've also read other Gradcafe posts where people have found legit typos and even misspelled the name of the school, and still reported that they got it somewhere. I know this field is competitive, but if all that's wrong with it is one phrase that you find wonky I wouldn't worry yourself over it!
  12. bibliophile222

    Affordable Online Pre-requisite Courses?

    If you're looking for dirt cheap, there's a site called Straighterline that has college courses that's $99 a month plus about $60 per course, so if you took, say, 6 courses over four months it would cost you about $800. That being said, there are a couple pretty big caveats. First, the program itself isn't accredited, but they're partnered with ACE, an accrediting agency, and they have partner schools that will accept the courses through ACE. You HAVE to check with any potential schools to see if they'll accept the courses first. Also, most courses don't have an actual professor, just a textbook, so you have to be fine with self-directed learning. Definitely not for everyone. However, it is the absolute cheapest way to get credits I've ever seen. My advisor has approved it and I'm planning on taking chemistry over the summer.
  13. bibliophile222

    Using Acronyms and Citing ASHA in SOP

    I just wrote mine like an essay, without a signature or salutation. As far as abbreviations go, I would spell it out the first time and then put the abbreviations in parentheses, like so: "Occupational Therapists (OTs)..." This follows APA formatting and is how journal articles or textbooks would write it. I'm not as sure about citations, since this is a personal essay, but my gut says yes, when in doubt cite (in APA!).
  14. Mad Men is my everything. 😀
  15. ^ This. Personally, I would feel uncomfortable attending a brand spanking new program because of the lack of well-established relationships with local placement settings and the fact that your cohort would be the guinea pigs. Everything could go great but there could also be various complications. The exception to this would be in-person programs that have recently begun an online program (Emerson, for example) since they have already had the chance to work out any potential issues. However, I also know that programs are difficult to get into and can be really expensive! You have it within your power to get out of your education what you put in to it, and if you have the chance to attend a program (especially if it's cheap or you get great funding) then go for it. The risks of attending a new program most likely are not large enough to merit throwing away a chance for grad school.

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