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  1. Hello everyone!! Thank you so much for all of your kind words and support. I found that I no longer feel frustrated and hopeless after reading your comments and spending a few days without thinking about it. The inner voice that "you suck" has subdued. I guess this is just the process a graduate student will go through Thank you, wish all the best for your academic career and life!!!
  2. I found gradcafe a very safe place to share our experience in grad school. Thank you guys. I'm a bit stressed out whenever I see my supervisor's edits on my work. I want to hear out how you guys handle this. I recently switched to a new supervisor. He is very supportive and always gives feedback on my work promptly. His feedback is detailed and constructive. I know that he read and thought about my work thoroughly. However, sometimes, his edits are a lot. If you guys are familiar with track changes in Word, you probably will know the feeling when you see red ink/changes all over the page
  3. Yes, I just realized that I have to sleep without knowing it for another night!
  4. Yes, I meant 12:00am on 15th, which will be like the midnight of 14th
  5. Oh! I see, that makes sense. I'm going to check the result on the midnight of apr. 14
  6. I just received an email saying that my status is updated, but in the portal, it still shows received by administrator. This is because all results will be released on Apr. 15. I wonder what do you mean that you declined an offer? is this for CGS-M? I don't think results are released yet.
  7. My status is finally updated today. Still have to wait 5 days to know the result...
  8. I got the exactly same email, but my status has not been updated yet. It's okay... I think I will just wait! Trying to focus on something else to distract from now and then..
  9. It looks like someone has received an automated email from SSHRC stating that their status has changed and results will be released as of April1. Did everyone else who applied for CGS-M receive the same message? I guess we may have to wait for two more weeks to figure out because of the delay caused by covid-19 outbreak. Hope everyone is well and safe! Let's share our results/update and worry here!
  10. I applied for CGS-M as well, but I didn't receive this email. Did anyone else who applied received this email?
  11. I have some news about UBC. UBC POIs probably have already done preliminary interviews, I heard from a friend whose friend had already received invites for on-site interview. There maybe more invites sending out soon this week. I looked at their admission stats on line. It seems like they only invite very few candidates, like 4 to 7 for on-site interview. That's probably why most of us didn't hear anything.
  12. Thank you, yes, I need to shorten my SSHRC proposal as well. I think it makes more sense to use the same proposal...
  13. Hello Canadian fellows! It's wonderful to see a thread for SSHRC application. I have a quick question: I've already applied for SSHRC doctoral awards and I also need to apply for OGS for the same 2019-2020 competition. I wonder whether I can use the same proposal? Thanks!
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