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  1. That's a great question! I personally never added anything in that section so curious to hear what other's have done! I suspect that section is good for if you took time off to work and then decided you want to go to grad school, what the rational might be for that. Similarly, if you worked in an unrelated field and now want to do Clin Psych, a rationale there might be useful. This is all speculation on my part though.
  2. Unfortunately its very very unclear this app season. and every department is doing its on GRE thing (not required but accepted, not accepted at all, etc). Its best to email the department and ask (although I'm not sure how much insight youll get on weighting of GRE scores 😕 )
  3. Yes. Or you can get your uni to mail it to you, and then you mail it to the uni (although thats just more work lol) A lot of Canadian unis arent fully up and running yet, including the Registrar's office, so I know certain (if not all?) programs are taking unofficial transcripts. Check with each department your applying to.
  4. Note: this is my opinion only LOL I actually just asked my PhD Supervisor this last week and he laughed and said memberships are lowkey useless. If you're involved in a leadership capacity within an organization (student chair, student rep etc), then yes its useful. CPA membership is useful when your a clinician as you get a discount on insurance. I have a CPA membership and the only thing I got out of it was a MindPad publication. Also discounts on CPA conference but we'll see how things are with COVID disrupting in-person confs.
  5. No limit. It's part of their job (don't worry I still feel guilty asking for like 10+ ref letters a year LOL but rest assured that's part of the duties they signed up for haha)
  6. I'd be cautious. It does depend on the department/school/institution. For example, for UCalgary, the school psych program and the counselling programs are within the same department, and actually go through the exact same program coordinator person. Meaning, you do not want to apply to both b/c (and I was explicitly told this), the program coord will think you just can't make up your mind what program/career you want to do, and you risk having your application discarded outright. However, the clinical prog is part of a different department, so you could apply clinical and school psych OR
  7. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1f6ZyVGn-opa_ijRyntHxfJJkaSNya4h-bwEDeDGInv4/edit?usp=sharing Western is waived, no? Check the specific link for each school.
  8. You can def email grad students to connect. We are more then happy to help. Sincerely, a current grad student
  9. That's unusual. I've never heard of it being AFTER apps are due. Might be due to funding/pandemic impacts to research, including with current students (eg extending students a year, etc). Thats unfortunate sorry
  10. Ask your referees. Its very idiosyncratic. General rule of thumb is a minimum 1 mth heads up, which one of my referees subscribed to. My other just wanted 2 weeks heads up. So ask them to confirm what their preferences are.
  11. You want to apply for as much funding as humanely possible. You are always more competitive when you've noted that you applied to funding, be it CGSM, OGS, what have you. But please dont lie on your application--be honest. Don't say you applied to CGSM for say, York, if you didn't.
  12. My understanding of OGS is that it encompasses all the Ontario schools you apply to, thus no limit. But I applied two yrs ago, things may have changed. Additionally, I only applied to 1 Ontario school so. I was strategic with CGSM. I picked two of my top ranked/dreams schools, and then a lower tier one just in case. CGSM is federal so should be more competitive, theoretically? Honestly it depends on the applicants you are up against, additionally with chance and luck as unknown factors.
  13. Not necessarily. ETS explicitly advises you to email your programs of choice and inform them ETS's decision to cancel subject tests. Then inquire whether subject test is still required.
  14. Apply for other funding. OGS for Ontario schools, etc. There might be smaller scholarships/awards that are like 1-2k but thats still something! CGS-M
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