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  1. Yup. This is consistent with what I've heard. Had a friend get an offer there for the 2019 application season without interviewing.
  2. I was interviewed/offered a spot in a program where I didn't list CGS-M for (could only list 3 schools lol). The PI had sufficient funding though and I would have applied for CGS-M once I was in grad school. I think it depends on whether your PI has enough funding for you/is willing to support you that first year if you didn't apply for external funding.
  3. Hello! So I only heard of the PEI PsyD program this year--I believe its relatively new? I'm assuming they'll be aiming for accreditation once they've had few cohorts going. Have you asked the program admin folx about plans for accreditation? I'd also consider that if you do get into the program prior to the program getting accredited, and then the program gets accreditation while your in the program, I wonder if you'd be grandfathered in and be able to graduate with an accredited degree. Just a few things to consider
  4. 100% dependent on the situation. I was encouraged by my Honour's supervisor to go to go to a different school for grad school. My goal is to work in academia so apparently its frowned upon to get all your degrees in the same place? I'm not sure if this same sentiment is shared for those who want to be clinicians only. Or perhaps the person did an Honours thesis in one research area but wants to switch to a different area for grad school. These are all possible scenarios
  5. Yup. I never did an informal interview at any of the 5 schools I applied to. I still formally interviewed at 3 and then was lucky enough to choose which school I wanted to attend. Most applicants I personally know of never do an informal interview. All the faculty I personally know also don't do informal interviews b/c its a lot of time/energy, etc.
  6. UOttawa. And all the Quebec schools. They believe taking the GRE, which is in English, would disadvantage French-speaking applicants.
  7. Thanks Vanessa! I wasn't aware of this update! It say "For applicants who commenced graduate studies after August 31, 2020", but I started Sept 2019 so I'll follow up with them Thanks for bringing this to my attention!
  8. No sorry. They only do one round of interviews (which was this Monday and Wed). They then rank order candidates, and if the top choice declines, they'd move to the next candidate etc
  9. I mean they still might send out invites end of Dec, but it doesnt seem like the interviews itself are being held till the new yr. I haven't heard of interview date(s) yet for Ryerson though. make sense?
  10. Faculty at Ryerson haven't even seen the applications yet. I've been told they don't plan on interviewing till the new year, which is typical of Cdn schools (except like Dal lol).
  11. Dal is considering/interviewing more students than ever before in program history LOL. This might be the case across all schools this year! Good luck everyone!
  12. Absolutely! Tangible research output = pubs (does not have to be published, can be under review, does not have to be 1st author, etc), conferences (even student run conferences count!!). Faculty know its hard to go to a national conference as a student. So present at as many local/student-run conferences as you feasibly can. Even the year end psychology conference at your school counts!
  13. It's definitely rare. Most of the current grad students I've spoken to applied 2-3 times before being accepted. For example, a panel I was recently on about applying to grad school, only 2/5 students got in their first cycle/right after undergrad. I wouldn't say its impossible, but def rare. Again, depends on your experiences/research output etc etc
  14. I got accepted w 1 pub (it was like 3rd author or something lol). It does depend on other factors such as research experience, other research output (posters at local/student conferences etc) interpersonal skills (volunteering, etc). Don't lose hope!
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