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  1. URegina sends email called Application Status, is literally just an email telling me to log on to the portal to check if docs were received. Smh this email title ahahaah
  2. ^^ That's correct Shortlist means you essentially made it to the next stage, be it interviews/open house/shortlisted for admissions, etc
  3. Interview invites? Usually sent by POIs, hence, may be different days. UBCO was mentioned in the previous pages in this thread, so worth a browse (sorry didn't apply so not following too closely!)
  4. Mickey26

    Advice / resources / books for surviving grad school

    "Getting What You Came For: The Smart Student's Guide To Earning An M.a. Or A Ph.d." by Robert Peters has been heavily cited in this forum
  5. Yayayay!!! Didn't apply to said program but super happy to hear UBCO is sending out interview invites!! Best of luck BC is gorgeous
  6. That is precisely the predicament I'm in right now haha I'd turn down that school asap when your accepted to your actual 1st choice school. A simple "Thank you for the offer, however I must decline as I have accepted another offer" will do. The POIs (I would assume) are generally very understanding as they know how competitive and how many factors come into play for clinical psych programs. Honestly, they probably won't have any hard feelings, but notifying them in advance of the April 15 deadline would be considered good practice--that way, they can still provide an offer to a waitlisted student and not be left scrambling last minute. I hope that helps
  7. My POI made it easy during the interview when they asked me "realistically, where does our program rank?". Definitely say "first choice" or else they may not consider you at all.
  8. Oh my gosh, someone really likes you!! That's so exciting!! and nerve-wracking for sure. My first time applying, so I've never been in said situation; however, my two cents is that your POI is very interested in taking you! I'm also doing an open house/visit to a school, in which I'll probably be grabbing lunch/dinner with my POI, however I have been accepted to the program (slightly different situation than yours). I would just say that your POI is interested in getting to know you on a one-on-one basis? Good luck and keep me posted!
  9. Mickey26

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    Hey, the insight provided on this thread might help: Good luck!
  10. When your email is actually broken and you're desperately waiting for IT support to do something. Aha 😅 ((slowly sobs))
  11. Hey, you're gonna have to specific the institution. Thanks.
  12. You are a life-saver! Thank you for letting us know I was all anxiety-stricken over here!
  13. Mickey26

    Fall 2019 Psychology Doctoral ACCEPTANCES!!

    Ooh this is nice--great idea during these trying times! School: Dalhousie University (Canada) Woooot! Concentration: Clinical Type: PhD Date of acceptance: Before Christmas! /But formally accepted Jan 16th Notified by: Email from program coordinator, POI /Status change via online application portal, snail mail to follow
  14. Mickey26

    Question for people getting interviews!

    I'm applying to Canadian Masters/PhD Programs in Clinical Psych. It seems that professors don't expect undergrads to have much research experience beyond an Honour's Thesis. I've been doing research since two months into my undergrad, and have dabbled as an RA in the following fields of psychology: personality, social, health, and clinical (addictions). I've done 6+ conferences/am published. Profs have personally expressed to me the breadth of my research experience is impressive for someone in their 4th year. So perhaps my social psychology RA experience isn't related to my field of interest (addictions), however, it is still research experience.

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