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  1. I would email for sure. Email the grad prog director and/or admin and CC your POIs. good luck!
  2. I encourage you to email them. I did when I was alternate and was told my position. Good luck!
  3. " Offers to alternate applicants may be made up until January 31 of the next calendar year. It is the responsibility of the applicant to regularly check the research portal between April 1 and January 31 for results of the competition." Source: https://www.nserc-crsng.gc.ca/students-etudiants/pg-cs/cgsm-bescm_eng.asp Aka January 31st, 2022 for this years competition.
  4. "Alternate" = wait listed. I was an alternate for two schools, and they ultimately got more funding, so I received CGSM CIHR the summer before I started at my current program. There is always hope! It doesn't guarantee you funding but it ultimately doesn't mean you were "rejected". You will receive an email of a status change if your status changes. Best of luck!
  5. I have heard of this and I encourage anyone who receives CGS-M to contact the program if you were previously rejected from the admission committee. I've personally heard of a few cases where they did end up taking the applicant. Good luck!
  6. Oh so I woke up super early at 6am MT just to check results (2 yrs ago now?). The portal crashed in the morning LOL given too many users were trying to logon so I went back to sleep and was able to check/log on in the afternoon haha. So not sure waking up early to check results is helpful haha
  7. I cannot answer your query per say, but can relate to this predicament! DM me if you wanna chat re: moving away from home
  8. This is a running doc https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1f6ZyVGn-opa_ijRyntHxfJJkaSNya4h-bwEDeDGInv4/edit#gid=1109387584 Edit: I'm aware of at least 2 Canadian schools aiming to remove it forever. They still need to go through the proper channels.
  9. The grad coordinator sent out interview invites last week to all streams of psych (not counselling/school psych--thats a diff department at UCalg). I previously interviewed at UC so I'm familiar with the process/also heard from a friend who got the email last week.
  10. Hm I did start on research in the summer prior to grad school only b/c it would benefit me (eg more pubs the better for award applications etc). I think its more common to do it voluntarily, than paid. But I could be wrong!
  11. Yup. This is consistent with what I've heard. Had a friend get an offer there for the 2019 application season without interviewing.
  12. I was interviewed/offered a spot in a program where I didn't list CGS-M for (could only list 3 schools lol). The PI had sufficient funding though and I would have applied for CGS-M once I was in grad school. I think it depends on whether your PI has enough funding for you/is willing to support you that first year if you didn't apply for external funding.
  13. Hello! So I only heard of the PEI PsyD program this year--I believe its relatively new? I'm assuming they'll be aiming for accreditation once they've had few cohorts going. Have you asked the program admin folx about plans for accreditation? I'd also consider that if you do get into the program prior to the program getting accredited, and then the program gets accreditation while your in the program, I wonder if you'd be grandfathered in and be able to graduate with an accredited degree. Just a few things to consider
  14. 100% dependent on the situation. I was encouraged by my Honour's supervisor to go to go to a different school for grad school. My goal is to work in academia so apparently its frowned upon to get all your degrees in the same place? I'm not sure if this same sentiment is shared for those who want to be clinicians only. Or perhaps the person did an Honours thesis in one research area but wants to switch to a different area for grad school. These are all possible scenarios
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