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  1. Yup SSHRC tweeted that they release CGS-M April 15th now, which includes CIHR and NSERC as well.
  2. FYI update on CGS-M according to my university: "The Tri-Agency (NSERC, SSHRC and CIHR) recognizes that the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting students, researchers, and academic institutions across Canada and around the world. As such, timelines for some programs will be modified. The results release date for the Canada Graduate Scholarships-Master’s Program (CGS-M) and the Canada Graduate Scholarships–Doctoral (CGS-D) will be postponed to mid-April." https://www.dal.ca/faculty/gradstudies/news/COVID-19-FAQs.html
  3. Yes, so it seems most of the admin staff are working from home. So emails are currently maintained, but phone lines may not be. Best bet might have to be via email! Good luck! Oh yeah our assessment practica this spring/summer is 99% cancelled. It seems that we are moving that to first semester of 2nd year, and on top of the mandatory TA'ing we have and heavy course-load, its going to be a difficult semester. But for this semester so far, all instructors have been very accommodating with extending assignment deadlines and/or removing assessments that required meeting face-to-face with another individual. I really appreciate all the instructors checking in to make sure these deadlines were still manageable during these unprecedented times.
  4. I've always been "a helper" but had always imagined myself working with animals as a zoologist/vet or whatnot. It wasn't until high school when I took psych as an elective that I fell in love with the field/helping people! It wasn't until sometime in undergrad that I was able to tease out the difference between counselling vs clinical, and fell in love with the research side of things. Just started clin psych grad school so my therapy experience is still in it's infancy, but I love it so far
  5. Hey I was in your shoes last year. Applied and got in to my top school right before Christmas (and before some of my other applications were due!) I remember feeling joy, a sense of wonder/shock...and then? Now what? Now that I've achieved my goal, what now? After everything I've done/all the hard work and sacrifices in, I made it, but what now? It's an odd sense of fulfillment, and... emptiness? My advice to you is ENJOY what you're experiencing right now--that giddyness, the fact that you've achieved your goal. You DESERVE it. Know that You MADE it. Congratulations Happy to chat more if you'd like. Just shoot me a PM (and congrats, you did it!!)
  6. Great q You can reply to the offer email (usually grad program coordinator) and also cc your POI. Thank them both for the offer, but after much consideration, you need to decline the offer.
  7. (Almost) every faculty member will have some sort of dataset lying around. Ask if you can write up a pub from that! I highly recommend skipping the data collection aspect and just work with data that is already around. You can churn out pubs quickly that way. Secondary data analysis saves time and can be easier to do given you don't have to sort out project logistics/submit to ethics/collect data. Good luck!
  8. Hi I'm currently a 1st yr Clin Psych student at Dal I was in your shoes only a year ago haha (time flies!) PM me if you have questions!
  9. I ditto this. Additionally, ask if she previously supervised/co-supervised a student as a post doc (or when they were a senior grad student). If so, get her to put you in contact with said student. You can still ask that student questions regarding supervision style, etc etc. But keep in mind there will always be a learning curve for both you and the new prof as you both navigate this new grad student-supervisor relationship Good luck!
  10. Ditto that 110% ^^ And given that your Psych GPA is so high but your Psych GRE scores are low....it would be a red flag. They might think it's grade inflation at your university and greater scrutinize your application. I've been told you can honestly just find any Intro to Psych textbook, study hard for a week, and then take the Psych GRE and score within the 90th+ percentile. You want to hit ideally 95th or higher. Its doable--all my friends were able to reach this target no problem. I would just say study harder and now that you know how the test works, you may be less anxious during the test Good luck!
  11. Accepted my offer to Dal. Released URegina Good luck!
  12. I really liked Magoosh (you can do a free trial, or google for a discount code, there's so many out there); it was especially helpful with the math as it basically re-teaches you all the math you need! Magoosh also has a number of free resources you can google. For example: http://magoosh.resources.s3.amazonaws.com/Magoosh-GRE-Vocab-eBook.pdf I also highly recommend you download the Magoosh GRE flash card app for your phone (free!)--I find this was more helpful than the Magoosh GRE Vocabulary Builder which was multiple choice. Buy: any edition of the official ETS GRE Guide. Made by the test makers, and any edition will do as they don't really change the question much. I found that the Kaplan books were kinda meh from my experience. Their tests also seemed too easy compared to the real GRE. Best of luck!
  13. Hey great question. As others have reiterated, it is a way to showcase your writing/critical thinking skills. However, your research project should still be somewhat related to what you proposed. For example, if I proposed a study on examining the motivations behind gambling, but now I'm interested in gambling and mental health--you can do that. As long as it's within the general realm of what you proposed (topic: gambling), you're good to go. Does that help? Your POI should help clarify this with you
  14. As soon as you accept one CGSM offer, it will render your other offers as "declined". AKA its automatic. Congrats!! AKA waitlisted. It also says what "alternate" is on the site itself if you want the full description.
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