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  1. A lot of clinical psych programs in Canada have a minimum admission requirement of an Honour's Degree in Psych, or equivalent. Besides an Honours Thesis, an equivalent would be an independent research project, where you design and conduct research from start to finish. Doing at least one of these projects, I believe, would make you more competitive. I have similar stats as you in terms of graduating soon, GPA, GRE scores, however I have 5+ conference presentations, 1 published manuscript + more submitted, and I've conducted 2 research projects from start to finish. That didn't mean I got accepted across the board, but I did receive some acceptances to clinical psych in Canada. So based on my personal experience, if you can get publications (be it papers or conferences) and conduct more "independent research projects", I think that would greatly help your chances I echo @personallycentered above; if the MA program is research intensive and allows you to churn out publications/do your own research from beginning to end, then I would personally choose that route (I don't know this program though so cannot personally vouch for it). Good luck!
  2. Yeah, Dalhousie acceptances have gone out, sorry.
  3. Been working in labs since two months into my first year of undergrad--so get started as early as you can! I've dabbled in a wide range of fields: personality & I/O, health psych, social + cognitive psych, addictions. I know right--literally EVERYTHING is interesting to me!! ((high five)) Realized social & cognitive psych isn't for me, and that's OK! Currently debating b/w 2 fields for grad school: health psych vs addictions!
  4. Mickey26

    Apply for two programs at the same school?

    That was my back-up plan for if round 1 doesn't work out. At my school, the counselling and clinical programs are in entirely separate departments, hence, entirely diff program coordinators/the profs don't know each other. If that's the case for you, I don't see why not--they wouldn't be able to correspond haha
  5. Mickey26

    Waitlisted but Accepted at Other Schools

    They're not allowed to pressure you to make a decision before the April 15th deadline--they will try, but it's not allowed. Know that you are 100% allowed to hold that offer if you're waiting on your top school. If they keep pressuring you to accept your offer, simply state "Thank you again for the generous offer. I am currently taking my time to consider all factors before deciding on a program." Good luck
  6. Depends on the school. Situation A: You are on the waitlist that is POI specific. Meaning, you might be first on waitlist for Prof A, so if the student with the offer turns it down, you get the offer. However you could also be the 3rd person on the waitlist (this is possible). So the person with the offer, and the two other waitlisted ppl ahead of you need to turn down the offer before you get an offer. Situation B: waitlist that is NON-POI specific. Meaning, there is a general waitlist. You may be first on this list, so whoever has an offer and turns it down, it will go to whoever is in position 1 in the waitlist, regardless if the person who turned down the offer wrote your POI down. This is rare and off the top of my head I can only think of one school that I've been told does this.
  7. Sorry, not at MSVU but I may be attending Dalhousie for Clinical Psych Feel free to PM to chat!
  8. Mickey26

    Do I have a chance of getting into a PHD program?

    Dang--you've got one impressive CV As my colleagues above have stated, I would increase the number of pubs you have as much as possible--this could be in the form of a poster presentation and published manuscripts. I've been doing poster presentations across the province (I'm Canadian haha) since 2nd year of my undergrad. Currently in my 4th and final year and have 6 poster presentations + 2 more coming up before I graduate! These and manuscripts (not 1st author haha I wish!), have greatly helped me chances I believe--it shows you are interested in knowledge translation and dissemination Good luck!
  9. Ahh so he's very, VERY hands-off. I think a professor needs to be versatile--being able to adjust supervision style depending on the grad student is vital. I would inquire the current grad students to ask if they ever asked the prof to set mini deadlines for them/if he's every tried to be more "hands-on." It might just be he is unaware he's so hands-off that it's not working?
  10. UManitoba: official rejection letters going out individually via email. Earmarked for Feb 26. Gets sent out almost two weeks later. Nice 😛
  11. It depends on when you were unofficial offered and when FGS meets. Personally for me: School A: I was offered an unofficial offer of admission b4 Christmas after the psych committee met. Had my name forwarded to FGS committee for recommendation (met mid-Jan). Got my official letter of acceptance in late-Jan. School B: offered unofficial offer in late Jan, name forwarded to FGS. Official offer of acceptance + funding letter a month later (late Feb). Conclusion: it truly depends haha Edit: as long as you meet min admission requirements, then you would get officially admitted and receive the official letter. It is VERY rare to be disqualified by FGS once the Psych committee forwards your name to them. Congrats!
  12. Mickey26

    Dalhousie Experimental Psychology and Neuroscience Fall 2019

    I would post here (rather than creating a seperate thread): Good luck
  13. Yes but I hear back about internal awards that are University-specific in late March. I'm waiting on that; not CGS-M specifically.
  14. I currently hold two offers of admission (not at Ottawa sorry), and will be releasing one of these offers once I hear more about funding. So there is always a chance for those who get wait listed. Don't lose hope!
  15. They announce CGS-M results prior to the April 1 deadline?!

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