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  1. Mickey26

    Should I retake the Psyc GRE?

    Ditto that 110% ^^ And given that your Psych GPA is so high but your Psych GRE scores are low....it would be a red flag. They might think it's grade inflation at your university and greater scrutinize your application. I've been told you can honestly just find any Intro to Psych textbook, study hard for a week, and then take the Psych GRE and score within the 90th+ percentile. You want to hit ideally 95th or higher. Its doable--all my friends were able to reach this target no problem. I would just say study harder and now that you know how the test works, you may be less anxious during the test Good luck!
  2. Accepted my offer to Dal. Released URegina Good luck!
  3. Mickey26

    GRE Prep

    I really liked Magoosh (you can do a free trial, or google for a discount code, there's so many out there); it was especially helpful with the math as it basically re-teaches you all the math you need! Magoosh also has a number of free resources you can google. For example: http://magoosh.resources.s3.amazonaws.com/Magoosh-GRE-Vocab-eBook.pdf I also highly recommend you download the Magoosh GRE flash card app for your phone (free!)--I find this was more helpful than the Magoosh GRE Vocabulary Builder which was multiple choice. Buy: any edition of the official ETS GRE Guide. Made by the test makers, and any edition will do as they don't really change the question much. I found that the Kaplan books were kinda meh from my experience. Their tests also seemed too easy compared to the real GRE. Best of luck!
  4. Hey great question. As others have reiterated, it is a way to showcase your writing/critical thinking skills. However, your research project should still be somewhat related to what you proposed. For example, if I proposed a study on examining the motivations behind gambling, but now I'm interested in gambling and mental health--you can do that. As long as it's within the general realm of what you proposed (topic: gambling), you're good to go. Does that help? Your POI should help clarify this with you
  5. As soon as you accept one CGSM offer, it will render your other offers as "declined". AKA its automatic. Congrats!! AKA waitlisted. It also says what "alternate" is on the site itself if you want the full description.
  6. ROFL its 6am here for me. This is cruel and unusual punishment. Doctoral goes out later than CGS-M, date unspecified.
  7. Aight so it looks like decisions last yr were released in April http://www.cihr-irsc.gc.ca/e/51299.html Hope that helps! Right, mine for Manitoba is still the day I submitted it. Some schools reviewed last week, some this week
  8. Edit: actually don't quote me haha I'm not sure but I would assume April 1?
  9. Haha same! If you check the date on the right hand side, it would have updated to the new date. It means they made a decision but you can't see it until April
  10. Yo I believe!! Sending you good vibes! Fingers crossed for ya
  11. A lot of clinical psych programs in Canada have a minimum admission requirement of an Honour's Degree in Psych, or equivalent. Besides an Honours Thesis, an equivalent would be an independent research project, where you design and conduct research from start to finish. Doing at least one of these projects, I believe, would make you more competitive. I have similar stats as you in terms of graduating soon, GPA, GRE scores, however I have 5+ conference presentations, 1 published manuscript + more submitted, and I've conducted 2 research projects from start to finish. That didn't mean I got accepted across the board, but I did receive some acceptances to clinical psych in Canada. So based on my personal experience, if you can get publications (be it papers or conferences) and conduct more "independent research projects", I think that would greatly help your chances I echo @personallycentered above; if the MA program is research intensive and allows you to churn out publications/do your own research from beginning to end, then I would personally choose that route (I don't know this program though so cannot personally vouch for it). Good luck!
  12. Yeah, Dalhousie acceptances have gone out, sorry.
  13. Been working in labs since two months into my first year of undergrad--so get started as early as you can! I've dabbled in a wide range of fields: personality & I/O, health psych, social + cognitive psych, addictions. I know right--literally EVERYTHING is interesting to me!! ((high five)) Realized social & cognitive psych isn't for me, and that's OK! Currently debating b/w 2 fields for grad school: health psych vs addictions!
  14. Mickey26

    Apply for two programs at the same school?

    That was my back-up plan for if round 1 doesn't work out. At my school, the counselling and clinical programs are in entirely separate departments, hence, entirely diff program coordinators/the profs don't know each other. If that's the case for you, I don't see why not--they wouldn't be able to correspond haha
  15. Mickey26

    Waitlisted but Accepted at Other Schools

    They're not allowed to pressure you to make a decision before the April 15th deadline--they will try, but it's not allowed. Know that you are 100% allowed to hold that offer if you're waiting on your top school. If they keep pressuring you to accept your offer, simply state "Thank you again for the generous offer. I am currently taking my time to consider all factors before deciding on a program." Good luck

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