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  1. Hi everyone! I start grad school this Fall and was wondering on ideas for things I should buy for class, therapy, etc. Any ideas appreciated!
  2. Hi everyone! Loyola announced they will be sending out decisions soon and I am trying to compare it to other schools I got into. I don't know much about the program besides stuff from their website. Anyone know current students who like/dislike it? Pros/cons? Any info helps. ☺️
  3. Hi everyone! I was recently accepted to the University of Redlands M.S. Speech Pathology program. Still waiting on other admissions decisions, but I am looking for more information on this program. I don't know a ton about it besides the facts from the website. Interested if current students would recommend the program and have had a good experience. Or, has anyone heard good/bad/interesting things from others? What is the practicum experience like besides what they are. Do students feel safe on/near campus? Are professors nice? Thanks!!
  4. Hello! I submitted my APP 9/17/20, had my interview in early November, and received my acceptance email on 1/30/21. However, my application wasn’t officially “complete” until 1/14 as I was waiting on transcripts & a LOR. Thus, it took Emerson 2 weeks to get me a decision from my APP date of completion! Super quick. If you get accepted, feel free to shoot me an email to swap contact info as we’d be in the same cohert☺️ kas925@nau.edu
  5. Hello! I just got accepted to Emerson's online May 2021 cohert and waiting on my admissions decision on NYU and Baylor. From my research and discussions with Emerson, it seems like they offer different settings for practicums as well. The Emerson admissions specialist told me that you can also provide sites and/or contacts to Emerson that you would like them to reach out to for a placement. I think both programs being online do their best to offer a diverse practicum experience! What start date did you apply to for Emerson, May or Fall?
  6. Hello! I applied to 8 programs (3 online, 6 in-person) and noticed many people have started getting interviews for programs. I was wondering, do programs typically send out first wave of interview emails before sending out rejections? My top is Chapman University and I saw many interview offers were sent out on 2/18 and 2/19. Stressing! Also, anyone know how many applicants typically receive interview offers for programs-Chapman has about 300-350 applicants each year. Many of my other programs do not offer interviews though, just Chapman and Emerson I believe. Programs: Em
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