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  1. Thank you so much @AnxiousBeaver!!! I ended up sending a very similar message just because my PIs have also had some background conversations with the professor. Dear Professor [XYZ], I am incredibly grateful for all of your time and consideration during the admissions process. I wanted to inform you that I have two other offers [from wherever, optional mentioned]. After a lot of thought, I have decided to chose to attend one of these schools and I'm sure another applicant will be very glad to have a shot at [old uni] now. I do appreciate your kind words about my application and I wo
  2. Hi! Is it a good idea to opt into Berkeley housing or stay off campus in a non university housing for the first year of grad school (are the factors to look at cost and distance?)? Which campus housing would be the best bet / what's the best place to look for off campus housing? As an international student I would love to physically see the place I'll be staying at if off campus but travel restrictions any advice would be v appreciated!
  3. abay91

    Berkeley, CA

    Reviving this chain -- would anyone have any thoughts on grad housing (I see Jackson, Manville apts, and garden village) and as someone who will be moving countries if this is a feasible option for year 1?
  4. What's the most polite and best way to turn down an offer from a school with whose professor you have been in touch with for a while? There's been a bit of back and forth and I feel like an asshole while sending an email rejecting the offer. Would anyone who has done this have advice on how to sound less rude (at least to myself)?
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