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  1. wookie55

    Fall 2021

    Nope! Not a word. I've been chatting with someone else on here who also hasn't heard, but contacted the department and was told that the remaining decisions will be sent this week. Since there was an acceptance recorded on the results page in February, it seems likely that all the messages going out this week will be rejections, but... who knows!
  2. hmmm I wrote to my advisor about the grad housing! Would be easier to not be at the whim of the lottery system!
  3. @Zanelol OK good to know - Thanks for this! and shoot, I actually went ahead and reached out to my advisor about it (politely!). If it doesn't go anywhere, I will take it seriously that it just isn't a thing (and that they aren't just declining to negotiate). I have definitely heard of housing priority being a bargaining chip at other universities, but I guess the lottery system was maybe instituted to eliminate the possibility of this kind of negotiation..? Who knows. That's really good to hear about people having good roommates. It makes sense that people would be studious, for sure. I think if it was 1 roommate, I could manage that. But there are some studios that seem really nice on campus! EV, I think? They rent for $1700 which would be at the top end of what I would spend. It's really comforting what you've said here. Sounds like it wouldn't be the end of the world to end up in a shared apartment
  4. @rd12 @Zanelol Have you heard of any accepted PhD students negotiating with their department for priority in the housing lottery? Is that a thing at all? If there is any wiggle room, I am going to try to negotiate for it. At age 30, I really can't imagine living with roommates.
  5. wow how did you negotiate that?
  6. wookie55

    Fall 2021

    Wow that’s awesome, congrats! Three acceptances seems quite rare.
  7. wookie55

    Fall 2021

    I’m curious to know what proportion of people here hold an MA. I do not have an MA — I was admitted to 1/5 programs so far. If anyone else feels like sharing, might be interesting to know?
  8. wookie55

    Fall 2021

    Lol chill buddy. It was the Friday before last. And I am doing architectural history. Almost definitely I was the only person interviewed for that sub-field.
  9. wookie55

    Fall 2021

    Lmao yeah. I would ask for clarification, esp if an administrator is nice they might help you out. If you’re going to be assessed at the open day, then you should know that, because it’s quite different than attending with the intention of just getting a sense of the program.
  10. wookie55

    Fall 2021

    Yeah it seems super weird to me absolutely! I think maybe you’re like slightly above the wait list, if that makes any sense?
  11. wookie55

    Fall 2021

    I am not really sure how Open Day works, but that sounds unusual to me. Definitely not everyone who goes to an Open Day will accept their offer (some people will go to several) so maybe they are thinking some people (like you) should come to Open Day that might accept one of the spots that opens up from people declining? I think that might be what they mean by holding back some spots, but I don’t know, just speculating ?‍♂️ I guess they could also be treating it like a group interview? I would maybe ask the administrator or the DGS for clarification on what they meant by that!
  12. wookie55

    Fall 2021

    yeah I would have thought they would pick the waitlist too. Not sure what happened there. the only thing I can think of is that I told a few close colleagues of my POI that I was planning to accept at another program, and it's a small community and people talk so ... ? It's a comforting thought at least. I actually had already decided against Columbia but I wanted to have the satisfaction of declining the offer lol.
  13. wookie55

    Fall 2021

    yes! I actually got a rejection (not a waitlist), after a very positive interview. I'm not sure what happened with that! it was one of my top choices (and the interview went really well), so was tough that they specifically sent only me a rejection lol. EDIT: They definitely already interviewed everybody they were going to interview, and they don't do interviews, so if you didn't get an interview then that would without a doubt be closure!
  14. wookie55

    Fall 2021

    I might be wrong but I think it was just the one acceptance for the PhD on the Results page, and then that person being asked for clarification.
  15. wookie55

    Fall 2021

    @ghirlandaihoe HTC would be a very obscure program to troll, but I guess since it’s so competitive someone might want to push ppl to withdraw their apps - is that what you mean? (I basically don’t understand the whole idea of posting false admits.) I really just want to accept at my other school but feel like I should wait for these results since HTC was in my top 3. I have been thinking about writing to the administrator... I will let you know if I write to her and get an update.
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