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  1. I applied to CU Boulder as well and I haven't heard a peep. The website said they'll review through Jan, so hopefully we'll hear something next week! What initials did you apply to?
  2. Hi all! I saw a few updates on the results pages and I am intrigued. I saw others post invites to an interview for Tulane and CU-Boulder for their social programs. Initials of who you applied to (if willing ofc) and any news on the timeline for applications? Am I out for those programs? Im so anxious!! Thanks!
  3. Hi all! I hope more invites are trickling in for everyone! I was hoping someone could share some advice for virtual interviews in general? Not question wise, but advice on mannerisms, etc for doing an interview over Zoom. Also, I had a prelim interview with a faculty and they mentioned that the formal interview would include a chat/interview with current PhD students. So, any advice on that?? Thanks guys
  4. Hi, Applications are in and I cannot relax. I'm glad this thread is here. Each time I try to get info, it only relates to clinical programs. I hope this becomes more active as this is my first phd application cycle and I have no idea what to expect. Good luck to all!!!
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