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I am trying to decide on what schools to apply to and I was wondering if anyone had a advice regarding getting a masters in SLP vs a PhD in SLP. Is it true that PhD programs end up being cheaper due to more funding? Are there any big pros/cons to either? Is one more competitive than the other? Any advice is helpful. Thanks!

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Yes, PhD programs tend to have a lot more funding available. The general rule of thumb is not to do any PhD program that doesn't pay for your tuition and give you a stipend. 

However, a PhD shouldn't just be something you do because it's cheaper. It's a lot of extra time, you'd need to complete the masters as part of it anyways, and it's for people who are more interested in research than being a practicing clinician. Most people who end up getting a PhD do a masters first, get their CCC, and practice for a few years before going back. It also doesn't necessarily get you more money, since you'd likely have to work for years as a poorly paid adjunct professor before getting tenure and a reasonable salary.

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