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SLP Field Placement Schedule

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Hey guys--could you describe what your schedule is/was like during your field placement? 

I am entering a 6 semester program this fall. In fall 2022, when I have my field placement, I am hoping to get one that is M-R (Fridays off). How hard is this to get, in your experience? 

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This will be super duper dependent on the grad program, the setting, and how many hours you need to get. A lot of medical programs require you to be there 5 days a week so you get as much exposure as possible and are kept in the loop. I had three external placements: the first was in a SNF every day but Wednesday, then I was in a school T-Th, then another school only T/Th because I was almost done with my hours. I got tons of hours at my SNF placement that saved my ass when COVID hit and my final placement ended 2 months early, so more days can definitely be super helpful! In all placements my days were decided without my input, but one or two girls adjusted their hours by talking to the supervisor. 

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