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  1. Hi everyone! I recently decided on University of Oregon - I'm so excited to start in the Fall. I wanted to start a thread to knowledge share, in case there are any others out there! I know they mentioned they'd be setting up a Facebook group soon too. I'm curious where others are from, if anyone's started looking at housing, etc.
  2. Wondering if any CSU East Bay students can give an idea of what being a grad student there is like? I'm curious where students live outside of Hayward (Berkeley, Oakland, SF, etc?), if many people commute, what the campus is like, culture, going to school in the Bay Area, etc. Thanks in advance for any insight!
  3. @Blossom19Congrats! I haven't heard anything about an interview, but I interviewed at several other schools. They all asked about similar things such as 1) a time you received critical feedback and how you handled it, 2) something you're proud of, 3) something you consider to be a "hot topic" in the field. Out of curiosity, did you also receive the email about a Financial Aid award through your CSU Horizon Gmail account?
  4. Congrats! Does anyone know what the typical cohort size is for the on-campus program? The ASHA site has figures, but they appear to be combined for both the on-campus and online programs.
  5. I did a post-bacc online through the University of Vermont and absolutely loved it! I was also nervous about an online program, but I was working full-time and it was the best option for me. The professors were incredibly knowledgeable and engaging, and the courses offered a lot of flexibility. The only downside (for me) was that they didn't offer a course in audiology; as I've been applying to masters programs, I've found a lot of programs on the West Coast require it.
  6. This is so good to hear! I just heard back about an interview for 2/15 as well. For the actual interview portion, is there anything in particular you think might be helpful to prepare (i.e. anything around strengths/weaknesses, challenges, etc.)? How long does the interview typically last? Thanks for your advice!
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