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  1. Hi there! Congratulations on your acceptances! I currently attend an out of state graduate program, and it has really been working well for me. My situation is a little bit different, as my home state does not have any graduate SLP programs, so I had to go out of state no matter what, but it has been an amazing experience. Like you, I want to go back to my home state to work once I've completed my masters, and I feel like my school has been very supportive of that decision and has even helped me secure externships in that state so that I can build connections there in addition to the connections I'm building at school. As Caitzilla said, the out of state tuition can be a real bugger, but if you can get scholarships that makes it a lot less daunting. I definitely experienced some home sickness which I wasn't necessarily expecting, but I definitely feel like it's worth it. For me it really comes down to the program. If you feel like the out of state program can give you the life and academic experiences you need as well support you in your plans to return to your home state then it is a valuable experience to have. You're right, this is definitely the time in your life to have those "once in a lifetime" experiences so if you feel like that makes sense to you I say go for it! Hope this was helpful! I'm always happy to talk about my experience as an out of state student if you have any questions!
  2. Hi! I'm also attending the University of Oregon and I'm very excited! Thanks for making this thread! I've started looking for housing, but it has been tough since I am an out of state student and am very unfamiliar with the area.
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