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  1. Hillsboro is cheaper than Beaverton from what I’ve heard, and a little closer to Forest Grove. Beaverton is a pretty large area, but it’s right next to Hillsboro. It’s about 35-40 minutes from where I am in Beaverton to campus. You’ll probably hit a little traffic no matter what unless you live in Forest Grove. There are several Facebook groups for rooming in the greater Portland area where you can specify what type of environment you’re looking for. Hope this helps!
  2. I think classes are 3 days (Mon, Tue, Wed) the first semester, and then 2 days a week the second semester. Also, if anyone has questions about the area, I moved up 2 years ago and live in Beaverton but worked in downtown Portland
  3. Yeah, I live in Beaverton - about 35 minutes from campus driving! I know some current grad students live in Beaverton as well!
  4. I declined my offers to BU, MGH, and NYU and will be declining my waitlist position at Portland State. Hope this helps!
  5. I’m considering NYU as well! I’m hoping the open house next week will help me decide
  6. @Ali_Irene13 I checked my CSUEB email and also received my Financial Aid award but haven't heard anything else from them yet
  7. @BioCook yep I am! I’m sure we’ll see each other at one of the two
  8. No problem! I'm totally undecided still 😩 I was fortunate enough to get into 4 programs, but each has pros and cons. I'm hoping the open houses will help!
  9. Hey, I'm planning on going and can definitely fill you in after!
  10. I got into MGH & BU too! Planning on going to both open houses as well
  11. I saw some people posting denied and waitlisted statuses via email, but I still haven’t heard either way. This waiting is making me nervous 😬
  12. I have been prepping with general interview questions as well as focusing on situational questions. I had an interview last week and was asked several “Tell me about a time...” questions
  13. Just heard back as well! Anyone know what the interview is going to be like / if we have a writing sample?
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