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  1. Hey! I’m current first year student. Fall semester you will have class Monday-Wednesday with some labs and community screenings on Thursday and Friday. Spring semester there is only class Monday/Wednesday and practicum on Tuesday/Thursday
  2. Hi, Two of my classmates who did their post-bac through Pacific created our fb page. I'm sure you guys can make one though? You will eventually have one though. Also, you will be placed into a FB group with all of the current 1-year students (second years starting the fall), as well as a group with all the past cohort alumni, professors, and current students in the program.
  3. Hi guys! I just wanted to say CONGRATS on your acceptance at Pacific U. I am a current 1st-year grad student there and would be happy to answer any questions! It truly is a fantastic program and not like others. You guys are going to love it! Can't wait to meet all of you!
  4. I am sorry. That is heartbreaking. I am in graduate school at Pacific University is Forest Grove, OR (14 miles outside of Portland). The entire campus is focused on diversity and acceptances of everyone. I would definitely look into their program. We have the most compassionate and accepting professors ever!
  5. Unfortunately, housing and other living expenses (i.e., groceries, gas, etc.) are typically paid for with financial aid or private loans. I am a first year SLP graduate student. In my welcoming/acceptance letter, my school mentioned that if we do plan to work, then it is recommended to work a maximum of five hours per week. The workload is high and demanding, in our program, we are considered to be "on-call" for any community screenings, meetings, labs, etc. Although, we usually have an idea of when we may be needed, its never a guarantee and missing something for work is considered to be une
  6. I’m a current SLP grad student at Pacific U. If you have any questions let me know. It’s seriously the best program ever!
  7. I took mine online through the University of Montana.
  8. Hi! Sorry for the late response! I was accepted at Portland State University and at Pacific U. Both are in PDX area. Never give up
  9. My GPA is 2.99 and my GRE scores are V=146, Q=143, AW=4.0. I was accepted to Portland State and Pacific U. Don't give up!
  10. I had a terrible time in my undergrad program. At the time, I didn't know it, but I had dyslexia and was not diagnosed until 2 years after I graduated from undergrad. I was told by not one, but THREE professors AND my adviser to "highly consider" a different career path and that I would "never be accepted into a grad program", because I was not a "strong enough candidate." It was the hardest thing I ever had to hear. I sulked for about 2 years. Finally, I thought screw it I am good enough and will make into grad school. Fast forward 5 years, I was accepted into not one, but TWO grad programs
  11. YES! There is definitely hope. But, DO NOT give up. I graduated with a 2.54 GPA (So yes, lower than you). I had an undiagnosed learning disability until the age of 24 (graduated from undergrad at 22). I was told by 3 professors at my undergrad that I would never be accepted into a graduate program and to "highly consider" switching career paths. Ironically, this made me more determined to get in. I worked as an SLP-A for 5 years and retook some classes to bring my GPA up to a 2.9. I applied to 9 schools and was accepted to two schools and waitlisted at another. While it was a long process, in
  12. The University of Montana has an 8-week online Neuro Class. I took it last summer and it definitely doable. I want to say its $850 for the class? I wouldn't quote me on it. It does start soonish, I think the end of May.
  13. Congrats! That will be an extremely big, but exciting move for you! I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, and maybe there is some reason you are meant to move to the east coast!
  14. Ah, thank you! I did decide to go with Pacific, but I am still having a hard time letting PSU know my decision (I have until tomorrow to make my final decision). Dang! I wish I could give you one of my spots, haha, if only it worked that way. ? Where did you get accepted (btw, congrats) at from across the country?
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