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  1. @amw1125 Hi! Yes I did! I had my interview April 1st. I was emailed Monday morning, and they only gave me until Friday to accept the offer.
  2. Thank you all so much! I think I've made a decision to go to Francis Marion University!
  3. Hi! I'm in a predicament and don't know who to turn to except this forum where I've been active for the past two years. My dream is to work at a hospital as a speech pathologist. I only received rejections in 2019, so I decided to apply for social work programs as well. I got accepted to Case Western Reserve for social work with a large scholarship. I sent in my acceptance a week ago. However, I just got off the waitlist from Yeshiva University. Their program is $1,300 a credit, and they offered me a $5000 scholarship. It's more financially feasible to go to school for social work, but my heart has always been in speech. Plus, speech pathologists make a lot more than social workers. What do you think?
  4. Hello! This question might be obvious, but I'm still a little unsure. When applying to grad school, do admission officers look to see where you received your bachelor's from? I ended up attending my "reach" school for undergrad instead of my safety schools. I was challenged every day by my school work and professors. My GPA didn't end up being great (3.15). I'm unsure if I had attended an easier-to-get-in-to, my GPA may have been higher. Basically, I'm asking, if Suzie when to an easy college and left with a 3.8 GPA, and Sandra went to a difficult college and left with a 3.1 GPA, will the admissions board understand the difference? My apologies if this comes off as pretentious, I'm just looking to justify the past four years of work that was challenging to me!
  5. Hi all! I was just curious as to how everyone affords rent, food, and utilities while completing a master's in speech. I know part-time jobs are an option, but it would never be enough to cover rent. What do you do?
  6. Hi! I did my undergrad in CSD at Syracuse so I have some advice about the campus! The CSD program is anywhere to a 10-20 min bus ride from main campus. It's not anywhere near all the gorgeous SU buildings. The CSD building is definitely out of the way. It would be really beneficial to own a car on campus. They're in the middle of a major reconstruction of the CSD building. This past spring we had to walk through a construction area just to get to class. The clinic is really nice and CLEAN! Everything is very regimented in the clinic and the quality of recording for sessions is fantastic. There are four hospitals in the area (St. Joes, Upstate [includes Golisano Children's], Crouse, and the VA). I knew girls who had placements at three of them and they found it really rewarding. The snow is a lot to deal with in the winter, but you all get through it together! I had a client my senior year and sometimes mingled with the grad students. They really seemed to get along and were always ready to help each other. From my understanding, Syracuse is really into research as well. My professors in undergrad were always asking us to help with their research by being a client or listening to their poster presentation. Overall, I think the program is improving, especially with the renovation. I loved my undergrad there, but it was expensive!
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