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  1. Looking into taking Aural Rehab and Lang Acquisition online at Ohio State Uni this summer. Anyone have experiences with them?
  2. @maimas4466 @k_slp random question but is there a deposit due? i submitted the intent form but didn't see a mention of a deposit anywhere...i'm nervous that there is one and that i missed it!
  3. Going to take child lang dev and aural rehab online this summer. Which school is the easiest and best for these prereqs?
  4. Declining MGH, Northwestern, Pitt, BU, UT Dallas, UNC Chapel Hill, Columbia, Syracuse, NYMC, Rush, Uni of Virginia, Northeastern, Vermont. I hope this helps whoever's on the waitlist for these schools!
  5. Is there a fb group for Vanderbilt yet?
  6. @zurako can I ask what kind of medical courses and affiliated sites are available at TC? i'm trying to be at a hospital eventually
  7. @zurako how is the TC program for someone who wants to go into medical slp?
  8. It seems that they haven't sent out their next wave since February, which is a bit concerning since it's late march. Does anyone know when they'll send out their decisions?
  9. I'm considering Teacher's College! Does anyone attending TC want to talk about it with me? Please message me if possible!
  10. Has UNC released funding decisions yet?
  11. Has anyone ever had experience with asking for more funding? I was accepted to a school (vanderbilt) but was not offered anything. they are my top choice but I wouldn't be able to attend without any award. I do have funding offers from other programs. How do I ask/negotiate for funding? And if anyone attending Vanderbilt right now has negotiated for funding, how did you do it?
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