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    Has anyone had experience with Emerson? I've heard mixed things about the program. Are they a good program for a medical focus?
  2. I haven't been able to find much posts about UMass Amherst, UVermont, Syracuse, and Northeastern. If you have any advice or warnings (anything !!) about these programs please comment below. Trying to figure out which to apply to. Besides advice, I am looking for a program that has great opportunities for a medical-focus. But literally any input helps, i need multiple opinions!
  3. So I'm an out-of-field applicant and am so confused about the CSDCAS with its multiple deadlines. Most of my schools have an orange deadline in early Jan BUT one of them is in Dec (!!!) and some with green deadlines in Feb. But I'm having a nervous breakdown because I just started looking into the CSDCAS and there's a lot of deadlines and verification processes I'm confused by. It's definitely not like other grad program apps. Can someone please walk me through the CSDCAS application process and timeline? Like when I need to have the LOR's ready and transcripts? I haven't completed my initial application yet, but even that I'm confused by--like what exactly is it? I told my evaluators that they will probably submit the letters in December but I'm so worried that I told them the wrong date because CSDCAS requires different deadlines. I'm so confused, please help! Just think that I'm an absolute dummy when you explain things below, please go through each little step! (sincerely, from an out-of-field student who has nobody at their school who knows about SLP apps)

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