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  1. Hi, I was wondering how much grades matter in your masters program for getting a job after graduate school. Should I try insanely hard to get all A's like in undergrad, are a lot of B's totally fine, etc. Basically, will your GPA matter at all for getting a job after grad school as long as it's above a 3.0? Thanks so much for your help!!
  2. @hopefulSLP2Be Do you think applying as a monolingual applicant is worth it? I was planning and hoping to apply, but everything is so busy right now and I have so little time and am very overwhelmed and figured I probably won't get it anyway. Do you have any advice on whether monolinguals have a chance? Thank you so much!
  3. Declined Temple, BU, Northeastern, Emerson, NYU and UConn. I hope this can help! Good luck to everyone!
  4. @Speech.Hello ohhh gotcha. I was thinking education vs. research vs. clinic or something. Other than the licensure they never actually mentioned an education focus. TC is an education, psych, and health school, so it is not just education. They have courses specific to the medical side. They mentioned that each student is guaranteed one medical placement, but that may not be a hospital but could be more of a rehab center. You can definitely go to TC and go into the medical field. That said, it's totally possible that other schools are more medically focused than TC. But TC is definitely not just education focused or even more education focused than other schools.
  5. @Speech.Hello it was very nice. I liked it a lot. I liked the professors and the multicultural focus, which is woven into every class. I had very nice convos with many professors and students, who all seemed to like the program. TC also focuses on research but not too much. You can get involved in research, but you also don't have to. All research has an emphasis on being clinically-focused, in that it directly affects your clinical work. What do you mean primarily education focused? Opposed to what?
  6. @Speech.Hello it's hard to know without being in the program, but based on visiting I doubt it and have never heard that. I didn't get that feeling at all. It's great to take advantage of the program if you are bilingual, but it's not really a bilingual focused program it's more multiculturally focused, which I think is different. I think you/anyone would benefit from that focus and don't think it would be a disadvantage at all to not get the bilingual certification if you're not bilingual.
  7. Has anyone heard anything from UConn or know when we'll hear back?
  8. @zurako Do you know how the people from other backgrounds do in the program? Like do they keep up ok or is it pretty hard for them? Also, are you overall glad that you chose TC? Thanks!!
  9. @bibliophile222 Thank you so much! That makes a lot of sense. Thank you for taking the time to explain all of that. It is extremely helpful, and I really appreciate it!!
  10. Does anyone know ( @Rezzy S., @bibliophile222, @Bookworm111) whether the rankings have any value in terms of how good of a program it is? In other words, might a high ranking mean that the program has better research or clinical opportunities, better professors, or better connections to hospitals or something of that sort that would actually affect one's experience being in the program? I'm wondering because BU is technically ranked higher than TC and Emerson, so I'm wondering whether there is any merit to this scale and whether I would then be going to a better program with better, valuable experiences by going to BU, or is this not really the case? I'm sure BU is great and all the schools are great, but I'm wondering if BU's high ranking is as valuable as the list makes it seem. I don't really know how they make these rankings. Thanks so much for your help!!
  11. I've been told by several great grad schools to take the ASHA requirements online at community colleges so that they're hopefully easier and also way cheaper. The grad schools don't care about where you take them, it's more of a national requirement you have to abide to. I wouldn't think you would have to put these on your resume or anything and don't think it would really be relevant in the future. I agree and think definitely save money for these because, again, they seem more like things to get out of the way just to check the box that you did them, and where you actually go to grad school is what matters. But in the end it's whatever makes you feel better and more confident!
  12. @socalslp If you haven't completed the prereqs (like I haven't), then you can do them during the summer prior to starting through their online prereq program or you can find them elsewhere, and then you'll finish it in 2 years and one extra summer. If you have the prereqs already, you can definitely do it in two.
  13. @felicity_white17 Definitely let me know where you decide!! Will you be at either of the open houses? I'd love to talk about the schools and about being in either of these programs coming from other majors
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