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  1. Does anyone have any info/a review on the Teach NYC Scholarship? Any info regarding personal, or if you know anyone and/or just heard about it in general. I'm having a hard time debating if I should apply to a school because they offer that, or just go with the school that is more expensive--pretty much just don't know if its worth to apply to or not. ANY info helps!!
  2. They're actually having an open house this Wednesday if you're able to make it! https://www.stjohns.edu/about/events/graduate-open-house-0
  3. Hey, would you mind sharing how your interview went/questions they asked?
  4. No, I just checked and the portal doesn't update when you get accepted I guess cause when I sign on, it still says its under review o.O lol but hang in there because I had a couple of friends that received their acceptances last month, so I thought I had no shot at this point. That means they definitely do it in waves.
  5. Does anyone have any info on comparing/or just general program info on Adelphi and Teacher's College?
  6. Hey, I received my acceptance today around 2pm. I remember when I went to their open house they said they accept a large number of students because most students tend to have multiple acceptances which often leave them short of students that actually commit to going.
  7. Yes a number of my friends already heard back from some of the same schools I applied to in the NYC area but I also have friends who haven't, maybe the anxiety is just getting to me haha
  8. Is it normal to not hear anything back yet??! I have only received one rejection, but applied to 8 schools in total & most of the deadlines were Feb 1
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