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  1. Hi, I wanted to know if anyone has ever reapplied to schools and did a reapplication form? For one of the schools I'm reapplying to they sent me a reapplication form which pulls up all your application materials from the previous cycle. I did send the school updated GRE scores and course I retook letters of rec and a new essay, but I wanted to know if the reapplication form is necessarily a good thing, and if anyone has gotten accepted after doing a reapplication form. Any information helps Thanks!
  2. NYC Grad Applicants Fall 2018

    I emailed them when I submitted my application in January, the admissions office said we wouldn't hear back earliest the end of feb and in march but I guess they may be sending out decisions earlier than that so I guess keep on the look out! Im looking out for an email soon hopefully!
  3. NYC Grad Applicants Fall 2018

    For those accepted to Adelphi already when did you submit your application?
  4. NYC Grad Applicants Fall 2018

    To any Adelphi applicants: question, has anyone received an email from a graduate enrollment counselor? I got an email from a graduate enrollment counselor regarding my academic and future goals just curious if this was a good sign or not haha. I also believe that acceptances are being sent out soon!
  5. Adelphi University SLP Fall 2018

    Question, has anyone received an email from a graduate enrollment counselor? I got an email from a graduate enrollment counselor regarding my academic and future goals just curious if this was a good sign or not haha
  6. Job options pre-grad school

    Im sure you can find positions that offer part time TA positions, I am currently a full time assistant and if accepted can only work full time at two of the schools on my list.
  7. Job options pre-grad school

    I am from the NYC area too there are so many opportunities to find work prior to starting graduate school! I would definitely look into an area/population of the field that you want to work in the future in Speech Pathology. I feel like it gives you the best experience long term, and will help you in the future. Also many colleges like to see your experience outside of just school work. Like, I loved working with children and had an interest in students with Autism, so currently I am working as a Teachers Assistant for students on the Autism Spectrum. Also working in a school, I am able to learn more about students with Autism, but I also have the opportunity to shadow Speech Pathologist at my job too which really helped.
  8. NYC Grad Applicants Fall 2018

    Thanks so much! That definitely helps! Are you currently enrolled in any of those programs and if you are how do you like it so far?
  9. NYC Grad Applicants Fall 2018

    I currently have a friend in her first year at Adelphi University, and she in the Sunday program if you have any questions regarding Adelphi, I can definitely ask her!
  10. NYC Grad Applicants Fall 2018

    I applied to Yeshiva, and just curious about your experience there since it is a new program and how you like it so far. Also when did you hear back or to schedule and interview? Thanks!
  11. Hi guys now that a lot of application have been sent in, and some soon approaching, I wanted to start a chat for fellow New Yorkers and other applicants that are applying to graduate schools in New York City and New York State to share our anxiety with! You can drop down the schools you are applying to, Any interview tips or questions, questions regarding prospective schools hopefully acceptances and just to connect and to share your nerves! I'm applying to the following schools: Adelphi University, St Johns University, Yeshiva University, Columbia University, LIU Post, and Hofstra University!
  12. New York Graduate Schools

    Thank you that was all really helpful! Question how do you like the program at Hofstra?
  13. NYC applicants

    Is anyone applying to any NYC schools, or have previously applied to NYC schools? I'm looking on some advice about NYC programs and which schools are worth applying too! Thanks!
  14. New York Graduate Schools

    Thats all really helpful thank you!
  15. LOR questions

    Yea, I'm sending all my recommenders a rough draft of my SOP and my resume. One of my recommenders asked to be sent a specific set of things like Speech GPA, resume, SOP, and list of schools and dates.