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  1. Yay congrats! Did they give you an official answer or called to say they would let you know soon? @amp1209
  2. I originally was rejected from Adelphi University, and recently got a call back that they are reviewing more applications to fill their cohort. Has this happened to anyone else? If so how long did it take to hear back from Adelphi. Thanks!
  3. I have a friend that was rejected last week and the date was April 24th and said her portal changed to something different from the "congratulation you submitted your app". I also never received anything too so Im still hoping for some good news! Best of luck to you!
  4. I checked my online portal and it’s still in review I just want some answer already it’s May ?
  5. Is anyone still waiting to hear back from St. Johns?
  6. Question did your online portal change when you were rejected from St. John’s? My online application still has a congratulations on submitting you’re application and that it’s in review on the top.
  7. Still waiting to hear back from St. Johns the wait is killing me and its already almost May ?. I haven't seen a lot of people who have committed or have been rejected either
  8. Im in the same boat, and really relying on St John for admissions, its very annoying that they are still reviewing applications. They only sent out a few acceptances but no rejections. Last year I was rejected around April 10th, and asked them about my previous application and what I could work on, and yes asked about spring admissions but they said starting fall only admissions starting Fall 2018 (go figure...). I really just hope if they are making students wait for this long some good news will come our way! Good Luck! If I hear anything else I will def respond back.
  9. It is very annoying, I know they are still reviewing applications, but I think they are still seeing if people have committed to other schools or still interested so I guess, if you have committed to another school and are not interested in the program you should email them saying that at least.
  10. Is anyone still waiting to hear back from St Johns, I have emailed and I know others have emailed and said that they were still reviewing applications... I know they had an April 15th deadline but the classes are not filled either. Also has anyone committed or been rejected? There is no information on anyone that has committed or have been rejected. Any information will help!
  11. I had some confusion with my application too, I just want to get an answer back already the wait is too much and very close to the April 15th deadline
  12. Im in the same boat with you, I am a second year applicant and waitlisted to some schools and waiting to hear back from 3 other schools and hoping for some good news soon! A waitlist isn't an end all so don't think of it like that! Its a very competitive field ESPECIALLY in NY, so don't give up hope if this is what you want to do! If you don't get accepted don't feel bad about yourself because their are many people in the same boat as you especially now as Speech Pathology is becoming a very popular field. There are definitely a lot of options in NY, you can try working in a hospital, Special
  13. I'm a re-applicant and applied to St Johns last year, I know they had like an unofficial waitlist, and waited until the program was filled up with students. But I know this is the first year they are doing a Fall only admittance and so spring admissions, so I know they said they were going to accept more students to the cohort. But I think it might be different this year because not a lot of people have heard back or have put up that they have been accepted, and some people that have been accepted chose different programs already so I'm hoping for some good news soon! Good Luck hope that helps
  14. Im still waiting to hear back from St Johns and LIU Post hoping to hear back soon!
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