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  1. New York Graduate Schools

    Thank you that was all really helpful! Question how do you like the program at Hofstra?
  2. NYC applicants

    Is anyone applying to any NYC schools, or have previously applied to NYC schools? I'm looking on some advice about NYC programs and which schools are worth applying too! Thanks!
  3. New York Graduate Schools

    Thats all really helpful thank you!
  4. LOR questions

    Yea, I'm sending all my recommenders a rough draft of my SOP and my resume. One of my recommenders asked to be sent a specific set of things like Speech GPA, resume, SOP, and list of schools and dates.
  5. LOR questions

    Thank you that helps a lot I was actually thinking of including 4 letters of recommendations but wasn't sure it was too much, but I'm glad you had a good experience with that! Thanks!
  6. LOR questions

    I'm applying to the Fall of 2018 cycle, I previously applied for graduate school and haven't gotten in yet (*fingers crossed this is the year*). I wanted to know if anyone had any experience getting LOR's from professors that are not from the Speech department? Or for reapplicants have you asked the same professors you asked from previous cycles or asked new professors? Thanks!
  7. Emailing with directors and professors of prospective Graduate schools, I found that they all said they put a high emphasis on the writing score in your GRE, and have said that as a Speech Pathologist, you need to have adequate writing skills. I would definitely work on increasing your writing score to about 4.0-5.0.
  8. New York Graduate Schools

    Thank you so much! Good luck with the start to your program at Mercy
  9. I'm applying to a majority of schools in New York and New York City, and I wanted to know if anyone has any insight on these programs? For example have you applied there, interviewed there, current graduate student or are currently applying there for the Fall of 2018 application cycle. Any information helps because I want to narrow my list of schools down to less schools. Thanks! Graduate Programs: St Johns University NYU Columbia Teachers College Molloy Hofstra Adelphi University (Garden City vs Manhattan campus/ sunday program) CUNY Hunter CUNY Brooklyn CUNY Lehman Iona College LIU Post New York Medical College SUNY New Paltz Mercy College
  10. GRE improvement questions

    Thanks so much guys! I also heard good review about Magoosh so I think I am going to try that
  11. Hi guys! I'm looking to improve my GRE scores for the Fall of 2018 application cycle. I have taken the GRE twice now, I will be honest I haven't put forth a dedicated amount of studying for the GRE and now that I have time I'm dedicating all my time to studying for the GRE. My VR score is :147, and my QR: 146 and my AW: 4.0 I wanted to improve my scores to the 150-160 range in both QR, and VR, and my AW score to a 4.5-5.0. I wanted to know if anyone had suggestions on what program helped them to study for the GRE, or what programs helped increase your scores to those ranges. Any information will help thanks!
  12. Requesting Improvement Info from Schools

    I emailed back the schools that I was interested in reapplying to not application cycle. I emailed the head of the departments. Some schools said that they couldn't refer back to your application or why they exactly rejected you. I found it really informative and helpful to email the schools, because they gave me feedback on what I could do to improve my application for the next cycle and for example what target scores they are looking for in the GRE and what ways more to that school in the application process. I also think It shows that you care about their feedback and willing to do whatever to get in the following application cycle.
  13. Thank you so much that is very helpful!
  14. Hi guys, I'm in the process of reapplying to graduate school, and interested in a ton of different schools. I wanted to know if anyone had any insight on these programs, or are a current graduate student, or applying to these programs and can offer some information on the program itself and how they like it, or if you heard any reviews about the program. Any info helps! Schools: St Johns University Adelphi University (Manhattan campus vs Garden City Campus) Molloy College Hofstra University Teachers College, Columbia University of Maryland CUNY Hunter CUNY Queens Mercy College Iona College LIU Post LIU Brooklyn SUNY New Paltz Touro College Yeshiva University NYU college (in campus or online)
  15. Worried About Reapplying

    I exactly know how you feel. This will be my third time applying to graduate school in the fall, and I'm hoping to finally get in... The whole process can definitely be discouraging and so much work, and stressful but it will all be worth it in the end. From experience I think it is good to get more experience in the field. I retook, and currently retaking classes I got lower than a B in, in the Speech pre requisites. Your GPA won't change but, it good to show that you're working to improve. Also I would email the department heads of the schools you want to show interest in the program. If you have any more questions I can def help!