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  1. Stephanie022594

    Graduation was meaningless?

    Did you have any trouble getting letters of recommendation from professors? One of my LOR didn't want to write me another letter my second time around and now idk if my other professors will either. That is the main reason why I am not applying again.
  2. I don't see a problem in accepting then declining later on if you get into Akron. I heard good things about their online program. My friend loves it. Also, if you do end up declining, they will just add someone from the waitlist and that someone will be very happy, so no worries!
  3. Stephanie022594

    Low GPA... Is there hope for me?

    I had a friend who had 3 C's and got into grad school because of her experience and LOR. Don't give up.
  4. Stephanie022594

    Is declining my only option crazy?

    I had a similar convo with my cousin. She got into NYU, but for nursing. She decided not to go bc of the price and she ended up getting a scholarship somewhere else. TBH, the debt is REAL. I'm on my year off and currently trying to pay off my loans and its a struggle. I decided to go to a college that was expensive and it's just not worth it. I would suggest to take the year off to improve your application so you can get into a cheaper school.
  5. Stephanie022594

    What is your backup plan?

    I've decided to go for occupational therapy assistant. The pay is pretty good and you do everything the OT does, but the paperwork and evals. I've worked in aba and decided that dealing with behaviors are not my thing. I would recommend looking into OTA if aba or teaching is not your thing!
  6. Stephanie022594

    Mail or Email?

    I've only ever gotten rejections from mail.
  7. Stephanie022594

    Second year applicants

    Hey, when did you guys receive your rejections by last year? I am currently waitlisted and would like to have an idea of when the cohorts usually fill up by.
  8. Congrats on the acceptance!
  9. Stephanie022594

    Career Options with a CDS Bachelor's Degree

    I work as a behavior specialist and the pay is not good. Most of the jobs listed above you can't really make a living out of. If you don't do grad school, I would recommend choosing an alternative career that pays higher because with just a CSD bachelors it is hard to make a living (at least where I am from)
  10. Oh, wow! August seems so far away haha and no I haven't. I'm kind of scared since I know some schools don't like talking about waitlist rankings. Thanks for the info!
  11. Stephanie022594

    Doubting my abilities

    You got into grad school for a reason. Don't doubt yourself and stop stressing! Enjoy your summer.
  12. Has anyone heard from Edinboro?
  13. Stephanie022594

    Saint Mary's College

    How long do they give you to notify them your decision?
  14. Stephanie022594

    SLP Application Depression

    Good luck! Hopefully, you will hear some good news soon
  15. Stephanie022594

    SLP Application Depression

    I'm going to look into SST. Thank you!

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