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  1. Do people actually get off waitlists?

    What schools were you waitlisted at?
  2. SUNY Plattsburgh?

    That sounds great! Congratulations! But if you live far away, will you still receive in-state tuition rates?
  3. Some people have already posted they've been waitlisted by U of South Dakota on the results page, but I still haven't heard anything from USD yet. I'm wondering if that's normal? How about other people who applied to USD, have you heard acceptance/rejection yet? Also, any insights into the USD SLP program is deeply appreciated!!!
  4. SUNY Plattsburgh?

    May I ask what specific good things that you've heard of this school?
  5. SUNY Plattsburgh?

    I don't know too much about SUNY Plattsburgh, but it seems that most of their classes are offered in the evening. I dislike that.
  6. That's terrible! The loan's interest rate is as high as 6%!!
  7. I received the federal loan information one of my schools today. It is called UNSUBSIDIZED loan. I'm wondering when does the interest start to incur? From the moment I start school, or after I receive the degree after 2 years? Thanks guys!
  8. Hello all, For those of you who receive graduate assistantships while attending a SLP graduate program, how difficult is it for you to manage time? I know that many programs require 10-20 hours of work per week in exchange of tuition reduction, but considering the challenging level of graduate school, that's a lot of time taken off from study. How do you handle the work and study? I'm considering to apply for assistantship, but I'm more concerned with my academic success and wondering whether I should still apply. I hope to hear from your experience guys! Thanks!
  9. Hi everyone! I noticed that many SLP grad schools require background checks including driving record. I had a collision car accident a year ago, and it's my only accident but I was at fault. Now I'm worried whether it could negatively impact my prospect of getting in or attending an SLP grad program. Does anyone know? Thanks in advance!
  10. I completed my Physical Science at Aspen University, the tuition is $150/credit.
  11. Thanks for the advice! Do you use statistic software often? Such as Excel and others?
  12. Nay. I'm currently taking Statistics as an ASHA requirement, but my top choice grad program requires a statistics-based research project as a part of the degree. So I'm a little concerned as I'm so not good at it!
  13. Hi guys, For those of you who are attending or have attended an SLP graduate program, do you use statistics often? How important is statistics in an SLP program? What kind of statistics do you use, if any? How heavily is your statistics analysis based on software, such as Excel and others? I'm really poor at statistics, especially using software. Your advice would be deeply appreciated!!
  14. I am looking into the SLP programs that I can apply for Fall 2018, but I'm having some dilemma. School A requires more graduate coursework and research, and it offers courses such as Cranial Facial Abnormity (cleft palate) and two challenging courses in neurogenic communication disorders. On the other hand, School B requires no research, and it requires less coursework and doesn't offer specific courses in cleft palate and neuro, thus it's less challenging. I understand School A will get me more prepared for my SLP career, and I need to learn cleft palate and neuro stuff for my long-term professional development. However, my immediate concern is to survive grad school, and I believe I can do better with school B as it is less challenging. These two schools are similar in reputation, cost and distance. I need your opinion guys!
  15. GRE Score Confusion

    I took my GRE General test on 10/31/2016, and the unofficial test score was published immediately to me after the test, with Verbal 162 and Quantitative 162. After about 10 days, the official score report was also published within my ETS GRE account, with the same scores (Verbal 162 and Quantitative 162), in addition to the Writing score of 4.5. Four free score reports have also been sent to four schools after the test with the same scores of 162 for both the Verbal and Quantitative parts. However, I was trying to order additional score reports yesterday, and surprisingly noticed that both my Verbal and Quantitative scores have been changed to 161 from their originals of 162. I don't know why that could happen and wonder whether it's a technical error that caused the problem. From my understanding, if the scores are published as official, there shouldn't be any changes after that especially after score reports containing my original scores have already been sent to universities. Anyone has similar experiences?