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  1. Not sure where you went to undergrad/where you live, but Worcester State is crazy cheap whether you are in state or out of state! It starts with an intensive course in the summer and spans two and a half years into a fall semester..but still so worth it for the price! They also have department scholarships and GA positions.
  2. @MegSLP Wow thank you, I had no idea that exam existed! I’m sure you took it a while ago...but do you remember if the exam was easy/hard? Like is it something I should study for like the quant on GREs?
  3. Well that is good! My CSD program for undergrad did not require any other type of math...struggling to find an online course that meets what they are looking for :/
  4. Has anyone run into a program that requires statistics AND an additional math course? Worcester State requires stats and a seperate math course that is not at the remedial level to be completed by Aug. 31st.....I haven’t heard of any other programs requiring this!?
  5. Still waiting to hear from Worcester State & Bridgewater State, both schools in MA!
  6. Anyone apply to Worcester State in Massachusetts in general or has heard back from them? Their decisions started flowing in about this time last year
  7. @purplefuzz2 Hi there thanks for your post concerning the interview questions. I was wondering if you were asked those questions during an interview at UNH or another school? Thanks again!
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