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  1. I start grad school Monday, and have basic school supplies (pencils, highlighters, dividers etc.). What are the must have supplies for SLP grad school? Thanks!
  2. Anyone taking hearing science through Utah state online?? Looking for a study buddy
  3. Hey girl! Texas State University doesn't take GRE scores, but you will have to apply next year since they already accepted the cohort for 2018. My GRE was BAD (144 Q, 148V 3.0AW) but I got into TxState and 4 others schools. (My GPA was a 3.95 in the major and overall) I suggest applying to Lamar and SFA, as their GRE requirements aren't high. Goood luck!
  4. Sammmee. I've been told that many apartments have love ratings because someone is bound to have a crappy experience, and they are the ones that go and spill it on the internet lol I don't know! I'm on a tight budget so, there will be some give and take.
  5. Hey! I personally would forgo showing the GRE scores, especially if your new ones got you an interview. Instead, I would rehearse common questions such as "why did you pick this school" "how would you contribute to the grad program" "any research/specialty interest" etc. Also take about any cool outside experience/research you've done that you'd like bring to their program. This is your time to make yourself look GREAT! If you have to, lightly mention how you've improved on either your GPA or GRE, but they already have the numbers from your application. Remember, numbers don't make a good SLP.
  6. There is one that is about 540ish, but it ranges. It called the Montelena. You should check it out. We can definitely talk more at orientation!! ?
  7. In the 400s..no ? but in the 550s yes. I personally can't go over 600. Housing is more expensive in round rock.
  8. Omg that's so awesome!! I'm looking for a roommate too!! I already have a list of affordable complexes! I can't wait until orientation may 30th!
  9. So I saw this post and wanted to do the same! I'm looking for anyone who has committed to Texas State University for the fall of 2018! Anyone?!
  10. If not, does anyone know of an online course I can take for a hearing science course? Thanks in advance.
  11. Has anyone taking the online hearing science course from Utah state online?
  12. Life span! So I think it's under human growth development (birth to death)
  13. Hello my fellow speechies! Have any of you taken a CLEP exam? I have to take it for a lifespan course, but I have no idea how to study for it. Anyone have had this experience? TIA!
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