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  1. Did anyone else apply to the University of St.Augustine? This wait is crazy!
  2. Any updates on the University of St.Augustine?
  3. No I haven’t done anything just yet. Lol
  4. Me too, are you accepting? I’m trying to meet people in our Cohort.
  5. Did anyone get accepted to Alabama A&M University?
  6. $275 per credit hour. I know it’s not guaranteed!!
  7. Intro to CSD and Anatomy and Physiology of speech.
  8. I plan on taking one of my prerequisite classes that I received a C. Does anyone have any suggestions on some online schools that are affordable and offer prerequisites?
  9. Yes the denial policy was my main concern. I’m also feeling uneasy because I have a C in one of my prerequisite courses.
  10. Thanks for you response! Very helpful. It’s not an interview I’m just going for a visit to get to know the faculty. Hopefully this will help them put a face to my application.
  11. I plan on visiting one of my top choice schools next Monday. I also have a meeting with the department chair who makes the admission decisions. Any tips? I plan to bring copies of my old and new GRE scores to show my improvement. Any more suggestions for my visit?
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