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  1. Just keep in mind when you retake a course (at least at my school--don't know about other schools) it is the sum of both grades that goes into your GPA, not the highest one! I had to take anatomy because I had a C+ the first time and got an A- the second time, so it was the average of both.
  2. This is just my opinion, I do not know anything about either school. I would accept the offer you have now (just to be on the safe side), and if you do get accepted into the distance program (and it is still what you want) go for it. Honestly, all those spots (that students turn down) are always taken by a potential student. I know of a school that started calling students from the rejected list, so do not feel bad about the school at all. A student will take your spot, if that is what worries you because each graduate program has to have a number of students in the class. As selfish as it may
  3. I don’t know much about the schools you’re applying for but I’ll tell you about my experience. I applied to 14 schools and got accepted into half of them. I have a 3.5 GPA and lower than 150 GREs. I will suggest the same thing, do your research on the ASHA website. Take the GREs at least 2 times (unless you get 150s or higher). I wouldn’t say apply to 14 schools, but around 8 is a good number (depends on your financial status). Take the GREs early in advance so you have the time (if you need to retake them). Magoosh is very helpful for the GREs. Your gpa seems fine to me, just make sure your G
  4. I am not attending this grad program but created a FB group for the school I will be attending. All you need is one person to create a FB group (you can just add a close friend or sibling and once you create the group, just remove them).
  5. SUNY Plattsburgh SLP CLASS OF 2020: https://www.facebook.com/groups/577449402605588/
  6. I declined my Molloy acceptance, and removed my self from Mercy's and Hofstra's waitlist, and turned down my interview with LIU Post, Touro, and New Paltz. I hope this helps someone
  7. You could actually look for ABA jobs that don’t require Masters Degree (some you just need a BA) and pay I believe starts at 25/hour. Check at indeed.com
  8. @AH-SLP I have a friend who goes to Hofstra and absolutely loves it. She said that it is hard (just like every other program--we are in grad school ) but the faculty has her back and also her cohort is amazing. I hope this helps
  9. @helenaaaI have not heard back yet but already accepted another offer. I heard that a lot of people haven’t heard back yet.
  10. Yeah I already decided I’m attending another school.
  11. SUNY Plattsburgh FACEBOOK GROUP : https://www.facebook.com/groups/577449402605588/
  12. Hello, I am waiting on LIU Post, Teachers Coege, Queens College, Touro, ST. John's, New Paltz, Brooklyn CUNY, Kean and Hofstra.
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