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  1. Hoping you hear good news soon! The program I was waiting on emailed us this morning that they closed the waitlist. I will be attending another school, but really had my hopes up for this one. Good luck! This process hasn't been easy.
  2. Looking for a Facebook group for the University of Kansas (KU)! I know it's a long shot since I haven't seen anyone mention KU!
  3. Yes, the same thing happened to me. I received an email of acceptance from the department, then a few days later an email with the "official" acceptance from the graduate school as a whole. I think it's just a formality.
  4. Yeah, I was told the committee would start accepting people off the waitlist on Monday. It's hard to stay positive, but honestly negative thinking isn't worth it. I struggle with this, too! Just keep thinking everything will work out in the end. :-)
  5. I feel ya. I just talked to the grad program secretary of my number 1 waitlisted school. She said the program isn't "full" yet, but there are more outstanding offers than there are spots available at the moment. Then she also said the committee might decide they have enough people and NOT go to the waitlist even if they end up with less than their target number. However she did say they will close the waitlist soon after April 15, so at least I won't be wondering forever. I wish people would hurry up and decide, but then I'm holding a spot at another university hoping I get off this waitlist.
  6. Hi, I'm not a grad student (yet), but each school should say what the application fee is on their 'admissions' or 'FAQ' page. Mine were $55 to $60 each I believe. CSDCAS also requires a $125 fee plus additional fees per each school you apply to. Some schools have a double application, one through CSDCAS and one through their website. This gets pricey and pretty annoying. I'd also recommend going to grad school fairs and talking to the recruiters. Sometimes they'll offer fee waivers.
  7. Congrats on those acceptances! Do you mind me asking where you've decided to go? Btw I'm on the Indiana University waitlist, so thanks for sharing that!
  8. I think they're different things. Mine said I'm on the alternate list, and I didn't receive a survey. It sounded to me like they have the accepted list, the waitlisted, and then from there they may re-review people on the alternate list, if needed.
  9. Thanks!! Yeah, I didn't know that either until after I applied. Hope we hear back soon!
  10. Yes, I didn't complete the video or essays, or "submit" the application. So I was confused when I got the email. I did send my GRE scores though, and I know schools can view your CSDCAS application at any point, it isn't really "submitted". I didn't think they'd consider it though!
  11. Thanks for posting about Ball State! I was wondering when we'd hear back since their website says mid March to early April, and then also April 1st... I've read online that they mostly accept their own undergrads, so I'm not expecting to be accepted, but I would like to know sooner than later! Do you know anything about an open house or visit day?
  12. I just received an email from them placing me on an alternate list, even though I did not complete my application on CSDCAS (?) So you all should hear back very soon!
  13. I second this. I'm hoping to get off the waitlist for my two in-state schools, otherwise I'll have to pay more than twice as much for the out of state school I got into. I was relieved to be accepted somewhere, especially to a "top 10 ranked" school, but I don't think I was really prepared for the price difference/not receiving any aid. People who are accepted to a program they know they aren't going to, us waitlisted people will appreciate it if you decline asap! I'm hoping to get off the waitlist for my number one in-state school.
  14. Hello! Do you plan on attending the accepted students day? That should give you a feel for the program and the area. I got my bachelor's there, and work in one of the research labs, so I'm somewhat familiar with the program. Overall, there seems to be a lot of emphasis on research and evidence based practice. Personally, I would choose the cheapest option that aligns with your interests (specific faculty, populations, or research areas).
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