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  1. I would probably email back politely asking why the deadline is different from April 15, but I have no idea how to phrase that email! That is so late to hear back for a response, and if you were waitlisted they should at least send you notice of that!
  2. I declined at: Indiana University, Bowling Green State University, Miami of Ohio, University of Pittsburgh, University of Georgia, and University of Tennessee! Hoping this helps some people! Miami and BGSU had funding offers included, so that money can hopefully go to somebody else too
  3. I interviewed at a school after I had already been accepted to my top choice! I think getting the interview practice can never hurt
  4. I feel like it would be more based on the quality of your writing skills rather than what you actually were able to say about the treatment! Hopefully at least! That sounds stressful!
  5. I think there was a thread from last year about exactly this! Try searching for it, I know there was at least one really in depth post about pros and cons!
  6. I have some like that too! Hahaha yeah I figured it would be weird so that's why I wanted to double check! So for the recruitment style one I have coming up later, she could come to that and it wouldn't be weird? She sometimes thinks of things I don't so it can be convenient to have her around sometimes!
  7. It is one where it is like an open house in the morning and an interview in the afternoon, so probably the interview open house! The school is a three hour drive away so we are making a short trip of it, and I was trying to determine if I should bring her in with me or just have her go shopping or something during the time! Not sure if that changes anybody's thoughts haha. If it isn't weird I'll go ahead and bring her in, but it's not a big deal if I just go in alone!
  8. My question is what is in the title! My mom wants to go learn about these programs with me, I just don't know if that is a normal thing to see at these or not!
  9. Hi! I haven't heard back either but I am very anxiously awaiting!!! Don't worry, you are not alone!!
  10. That makes me feel better! I just resent mine. Just knowing that some people have already heard back means that I'm checking the portal at least twice a day lol. I just want to know!
  11. Hey, Snoves! Did you resend ASU your transcripts with your fall grades? I thought I had done that but apparently my request didn't go through!
  12. Wow, congrats!!! That must be such a relief!! I'll keep periodically checking then, thank you!
  13. Hey!! Do you know how ASU sends out answers? Did you get an email or did you have to check the portal? And do they do it a few applications at a time?? There's no update in my portal and I just want to know one way or another!
  14. I also received my email on Saturday!
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