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  1. last year Queens, Brooklyn, and Hofstra all got back to me a few days before 4/15
  2. I believe last year we had to fill out a supplemental form and then we received an email with a link to submit payment.
  3. NYU is extremely expensive. If you're from NY, chances are you are trying to get into a state school since they are so much cheaper and in some people's opinions offer a better education/program.
  4. They told me less than a month after I got that initial review email, so hopefully, you won't have to wait too long!
  5. Yep! this was for last year (I applied for fall 2018 admission)
  6. My official acceptance letter was dated 2/1, so hopefully you'll hear this month!
  7. Email with an official letter attached (I think eventually official letter also came in the mail)
  8. I was notified on 2/9 that I got through the initial review and received an official acceptance on 2/28
  9. LIU Post- Accepted- offered interview on 1/16/18 (interview was some time in February); they called me very shortly after my interview to offer admission Hofstra- Waitlisted- notified 3/28/18
  10. Both extremely extremely extremely competitive schools. Either program will give you what you need to work in schools.
  11. A lot of schools will have a cutoff for GPA & GRE. If you don't meet those, your application will not be reviewed- meaning that they won't bother to look at your letters, personal statement, resume, etc. I would encourage you to apply to schools that clearly state that they don't do this cutoff or don't require GREs.
  12. GPA 3.4 GRE V:151 Q:154 Writing:4.5 I applied to 15 schools total Rejected- 6 Waitlisted- 3 Accepted- 3 Turned down interviews for- 2 (once I had received these interviews offers and I had already received early admission to one of my top choice schools) 1 school never got back to me with an admissions decision (assuming they lost the application)
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