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  1. Hello, I took the gre a while ago and got really low scores in the 130's do you think I have a shot? I have a 3.9 gpa great rec letters and a great personal statment i had teachers proofread. I think it is late to retake the gre since ddeadlines are coming up soon. Any advice?
  2. Thanks for giving me hope!!!! May i ask what schools your applying to? I live in ny and i find that it will be hard to relocate. I dont even know how to drive lol. Most towns out of ny require a car. So i will be applying to every school thats in nyc area.
  3. I have a 150 in verbal and 134 in quant. No matter what i do i cannot go u in quant. Iv tried hard. I have a hard time with math even worse when its a bunch of tricks -_-. I do have a 3.9 gpa good refrences and a perfect personal statment that i had several profesor read and i have alot of volunteer stuff i did during undergrad. What do u think guys?
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