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  1. Hi, i didnt have to do a writing sample. The interview was really chill. It was only with the director shes really nice and personable. I cant give you specific questions because thay wouldnt be fair to everyone else who interviews blindly. Just do your best and ull be fine. U had good stats since you where given an inteview!
  2. You can take them at the university of Phoenix. It is an online school that is accredited. I always thought this school was sus but my advisor told me i could take the one prereq i was missing here. Community college classes fill up quick. Also if ur only taking one class there you will get last pick of classes. So theres a chance the class you need may close before you get the chance to even pick it.
  3. Thank you pleaseee do!!! Im not so happy that classes are given so late but i will have to deal with it. Also did you go to their accepted students reception when you got in. Im not surewhat to wear lol
  4. Thank you for all the info!!! I am leaning more towards LIU anyway since its more well known. And like you mentioned it is on the cheaper side for me as well! Loans are something that worried me as well. I want to pay them ASAP the less the better hahaha. Does post touch up on the medical aspect as well? Thats what im really intrested in.
  5. Some schools have over 60 students on the waitlist
  6. Hey guys, i just did an online webinar with Yeshiva. I ended up liking their program alot!!! Its medical based so they classes other schools do not. But I also like Liu post. Im so torn between them :(. Does any one have any info on either program?
  7. I picked B. I decided I wanted to get a feel of what grad school classes are like first then inch towards clinicals slowly. I love that they give options. I just dont like that classes are very late in the day.
  8. What does your last name start with? Maybe they are doing it alphabetically. The wait is killing me lol
  9. Did you get an official email acceptance? I only recived a phone call saying I was accepted but never got an email or a letter.
  10. I got an acceptance email and the portal email.
  11. I would also discourage you from going to Morovian. There program is disorganized and so far they only have one placement which is st.lukes hospital. They are currently trying to find more...... very last minute before the program starts.
  12. Hope all went well!!! I did my advisement through the phone.
  13. Practice, practice ,practice. If you can do it with a partner it works. Trust me. I bombed my first interview but i had 6 more after that. I practiced with a friend and i pulled it off. Im a very shy person by the way so if i can do it so can you!
  14. An intro to education, fundamentals of education ect anything similar to that will do. I would assume it would have to be done through a ny school but im not sure. Good question.
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