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  1. Hi, I got waitlisted at WCU and Moravian College. Has anyone else been waitlisted at any of these two schools and have more information about the waitlist? how many people on it, ranked or not, etc? About how many people have they taken from the waitlist in the last? I have been rejected from two other schools and waitlisted at these two. I am praying that I get in!
  2. Hi! Could you give me some more information? I haven't heard yet back yet from this school. Thank you.
  3. Moravian sends out acceptances how? through email or regular mail? thanks
  4. Just be yourself, try not to think of it too much. Be ready to brainstorm and come up with solutions in the group interaction - problem-solving part. You will give a 10 min presentation at the end. I think that was the most important part of the entire day. I think all professors/interviewers were very nice overall and made me feel comfortable.
  5. I had the interview this morning and enjoyed it! Now waiting to hear back from them by the end of the month... hoping for good news!
  6. Hi, anyone had the interview yet? How did your interview go? I have mine tomorrow and I am a bit nervous, not sure what to expect.
  7. Those who are interviewing this Saturday. Would you please let us know how the interview goes and what it is like? I am going out of town and had to reschedule my interview for next week 02/15. I am wondering what they will have us do for group problems and writing samples?
  8. I just got an invite today! I’m so excited!
  9. Hi, I was wondering if you did email program directors and what was the outcome?
  10. Hi, So I am very scared that the schools that just applied to won't even look at my application package. I just graduated with a 3.47 undergrad GPA (this is the GPA in my school's transcript) but CSDCAS takes into account all the previous schools I attended (years ago with very bad grades) and calculates the GPA differently. Unfortunately, bringing me down to a 2.9 overall GPA for CSDCAS. I am considering emailing the 6 schools that I just sent my application to. Has anyone done something like this before? any suggestions for me on what to say in the email to the graduate school adm
  11. Hi FutureAuD03, are you applying for fall 2019? and are you applying for audiology or SLP? I was wondering how you got invited for an interview so fast. I just sent my application to Salus last week for SLP for the fall 2019.
  12. Did you guys submit your applications without the fall grades and then went back in during "academic update" to include the grades for fall? I have not submitted my applications, one due Jan 15th 2018. I need the fall grades because I have 3 req CSD classes I took this semester and one of them is a retake, so I want the new higher GPA for the fall before applying. What should I do?? thank you so much!
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