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  1. Try the hospitals in your area! Especially in you have one specifically for children. I volunteered at a ped hospital in my area and was able to specifically work with the therapy department.
  2. Hey! My parents aren't as educated / successful as yours, and I still did not receive financial aid like in undergrad. I was approved for large loans (40k+), but any free money offered to me came directly from universities as tuition awards or stipends for being a grad assistant. I hope my sotuation is unique and others received FAFSA funds... but I've had a couple friends say similar things.
  3. Like everyone said, it can get expensive! If you know early on which schools interest you, look into application fee waivers for each school. Don't be afraid to ask schools directly, since many of them do not advertise them. One of my schools just gave me a code in an email! CSDCAS also kffers a waiver for the initial application. It's available on a first-come, first-serve basis, so I'd get those apps done ASAP.
  4. I earned a C in my Clinical Methods course and was still accepted to 5 schools! I also had a C in stats. Grades aren't everything, but obviously do your best to earn A's in the rest of your CSD classes. If you have a chance to retake the course or do anything that relates to the Speech Science class (like research hours in a voice lab), you can use that experience and talk about it in your SOP. I did well in Clinical Practicum, so I mentioned in my SOP that I worked extra hard after earning my C to show professors I could do the work competently.
  5. Sure! My cumulative gpa was 3.19. My major gpa was around 3.7. For the GRE, my scores were 157 V, 148 Q, 3.5 W. I took the test twice. The second time, my verbal and quant scores went up a couple points, but the writing score went DOWN 😖.... so I decided to skip taking it a third time. Timed writing has always been a struggle for me. I think what really helped me was asking supervisors for rec letters. I've been working full-time in an ABA classroom for three years (and did a couple summer school sessions during undergrad). For the summer, if you don't already have a good resume-building job, consider working in a sped classroom if your local district offers an Extended School Year. You get to meet SLPs, observe some therapy, and build some connections in related fields.
  6. Thank you all for your responses! This makes me feel SO much better about starting school.
  7. Hello!! I just accepted my admissions offer to Louisiana State in Baton Rouge! Is there a Facebook group or something for the incoming cohort?
  8. Hello everyone, Do any of you know stuttering SLPs? Or SLPs with tongue thrusts? I'm someone who stutters (mainly blocks and prolongations) about 5-10% of the time unless I'm nervous or over excited. I also have a tongue thrust that affects my /s/ sounds. Some people I've known for years comment that they haven't noticed it. The head of my local grad school told me it wouldn't be a problem as long as I am able to demonstrate correct technique in therapy. While this may be true, it would still be nice to hear about other disfluent students or practicing SLPs.
  9. I have a 3.19 overall GPA, but around a 3.7 for CSD classes. After undergrad I worked in an ABAclaassroom for 3 years and used coworkers (my supervising SPED teacher, a BCBA, and an SLP) for reference letters. I knew they could speak to my current strengths better than professors from years ago. GRE scores were okay, though writing was lower (3.5) than a lot of schools like. I was accepted to three schools and waitlisted at another three. Good luck!!
  10. Since I was worried about a lower gpa and writing score on the GRE, I applied to 12. Honestly, I wish I'd stopped at 6 or so... it was SO EXPENSIVE. And two of my schools had free applications! But it eased my fears to know I was casting a wide net.
  11. Yea! They plan on offering a virtual interview process as well (date TBD but expect sometime in February) and will confirm when details are finalized. ....guess I should start reviewing old class notes? I've been out of school for a while.
  12. I got an email yesterday! I live out on state, so I emailed asking if I can reschedule/do a virtual interview of some kind. I was surprised that they sent the email only 6 days before I'd need to be in PA.
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