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  1. peachie_speechie10

    Help!! Online Prereq Courses??

    I'm considering going to a school in the Fall that requires me to take a fluency, articulation, and language disorders undergraduate-level course before starting my graduate-level courses. Are there any options online where I can take these courses over the summer? Any help is appreciated!! Thanks!
  2. peachie_speechie10

    UTD Still Haven't Heard Back???

    Starting to lose hope the longer I wait though
  3. peachie_speechie10

    UMD haven’t heard

    Haha yes this is very hopeful because I still haven't heard back either! Thanks for the positive response!
  4. peachie_speechie10

    UTD Still Haven't Heard Back???

    Yes this is what they do from what I understand!
  5. peachie_speechie10

    Louisiana Schools 2019

    I was also accepted to LSU!! Congrats!
  6. peachie_speechie10

    UT Austin - Student Opinions

    Yes I believe so!
  7. peachie_speechie10

    UT Austin - Student Opinions

    If you look at the research labs on their website that'll give you an idea of what they're focused on. Opportunities for medical placements are fairly scarce at the moment since there aren't a ton of huge hospitals in the area, however UT Dell Med opening will most likely change that. There are definitely a lot of school placement opportunities. There isn't as much emphasis on bilingual SLP since the person who ran most of that research recently left to work at another program.
  8. peachie_speechie10

    Decision Deadline before April 15..HELP!

    I'm in the same boat! I'm currently waiting to hear back from a few schools, one in particular I really hope I hear back from before April 1st but don't know if I will since they do rolling admissions. I've been accepted into 1 school, waitlisted at 2, denied from 2, and still waiting to hear from 4. The school I was accepted to gave me an April 1st deadline but they're OOS and I'd prefer to try and go to a school in Texas.. Are they allowed to do this technically?
  9. peachie_speechie10

    LSU Fall 2019

    I'm in the exact same boat! Just 5 schools for me.
  10. peachie_speechie10

    UT Austin 2019 (SLP)

    I just messaged you!
  11. peachie_speechie10

    UT Austin 2019 (SLP)

    I'm an undergrad at UT and they're sending out decisions either late this week or next week!
  12. peachie_speechie10

    LSU Fall 2019

    Has anyone started a FB group for LSU?
  13. peachie_speechie10

    University of Maryland SLPA 2019

    I'm currently still waiting to hear back from UMD!! I hope I hear back soon, this is one of my top choices!!
  14. peachie_speechie10

    Come vent with me!

    I've basically been able to get a timeline of when most of my schools are going to send out decisions with the exception of UT Dallas.. I've been accepted to one school but they want me to make my decision by April 1st. This anticipation is literally killing me.
  15. peachie_speechie10

    Anyone have acceptances yet? (UMD?)

    Freaking out about UMD too!

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