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  1. Hey Ruby! I know its been awhile, but i was wondering how this worked out for you and if you have advise for someone in a similar situation! Would greatly appreciate your help.
  2. Hey I was wondering if Penn state does facebook groups for each cohort. I dont see any previous ones but I am trying to find a roommate to make living costs cheaper! Any Penn State grad students who are looking for a roomie?
  3. Thanks so much for taking the time to tell me about it! Youve really helped me out
  4. Thanks for all the great info! Were you a SLP undergrad?? If so would you mind telling me a little about the program, facilities, and professors?? I am unable to go on a tour unfortunately.
  5. I deciding between Penn State and Brooklyn College and I am so torn!! I am unable to visit Penn State due to my work location right now, but I was wondering if someone had any experience with the program, professor or facilities. The research at Penn State is what really draws me in. Any information on any of these schools would be greatly appreciated
  6. I submitted it on the deadline (Feb 6th) and got my acceptance by email within the same week- no interview. I declined the offer because of the deadline issue. I talked to the program director recently and said the class was mostly filled up- but she could have been lying to pressure me to commit. Hope this helps
  7. I went to Ithaca for undergrad! I really loved it there, but couldn't take the cold! I'm sure you're used to it if you grew up near the area though! The program is very legit. The professors teach to their specialties (so a prof who specializes in stuttering teaches stutter, etc.). This was something I was surprised about when I realized not all schools teach like this. They have an emphasis in school settings, although there are research opportunities. They have an aphasia group, asd support group, etc. Most of the professors are really easy to connect with and they really want to see you suc
  8. Hey guys! I recently got accepted into Penn State's Master's program for speech and I'm super nervous about committing. The program offers everything I want, but I am nervous about the town and housing. I am from NYC and I am nervous about moving to the middle of PA. Can anyone tell me some good things about the area (things to do, festivals, shopping, etc.)? Also was wondering if their downtown is fun. I appreciate any input!
  9. Thinking about doing my masters at Penn State. I'm moving from NYC and am nervous there won't be much to do around me. I know parts of PA are super rural and I'm nervous I'll have difficulty entertaining myself for the next two years. What is it like??
  10. curlyq177

    Ithaca, NY

    I'm from NYC and went to Ithaca College for 4 years as an undergrad! The summers are beautiful there and despite being a small "city" there are tons of things to do and events going on. There are two large universities within a mile of each other so theres always a drag show, performance, game, food festival to go to. ithaca has the BEST food festivals (e.g. apple fest, chili fest). The Dali Lama has a vacation retreat there so it cant be that bad! Ithaca has a bunch of wineries and breweries. It has more eateries per capita than nyc actually. It was definitely an adjustment moving there,
  11. I loved Adelphi when I visited! I wont be going because the commute is too brutal for me, but I loved that they have a lot of assistantships, research assistantships, and scholarships. They also do work with other departments which is great to see. Dont know anything about hofstra though.
  12. Just had my interview the other day so they are probably still in the interview process. You can go back to past years in the results and see when they generally start to send out acceptances! I cant wait to hear back too
  13. do you know when we find out if funding is offered?
  14. I feel like you can keep it brief and professional and ask for a few days to figure out your financial situation before you decide on the offer. I feel like they're more understanding than we give them credit for
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