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  1. I believe UT Dallas has fall, spring, AND summer admissions!
  2. I just made a facebook group for the Fall 2019 SLP cohort!! Search "TAMUK M.S. SLP Class of 2021" or go to: https://www.facebook.com/groups/653787751725332/ We can get to know each other before classes start, find roommates, and help each other out
  3. I was an in-field applicant without any internships or research experience either and have been accepted to 2 schools so far. Those things look great but definitely not required! Many applicants both CSD majors and out of field dont have those experiences and get into school just fine. Just be sure to have some sort of volunteer experiences/student org involvement/good GPA and GRE or something to stand out, it definitely doesn't have to be an internship or research!
  4. I agree with that! I'm in the same boat you're in waiting for Texas state to just reject or waitlist me or something because I know they accepted some people already. But yeah I didn't like that they extended the deadline at the end after many of us worked to meet that original deadline
  5. Hey, I was accepted last month but I saw someone saying on the results page (I believe) that they accepted one group of people and are waiting for our April 15th deadline to respond before accepting the next round of students! So dont lose hope yet!! 🙂
  6. I was accepted on the 11th I believe. I also applied before the original deadline. I originally declined the offer due to cost, but then they called me and have been really trying to work with me on the financial issue because it sounded like they really wanted me to go there - they said my scores were really impressive and didn't want to put me on the decline list just yet since they have opportunities that can help me with the cost. I say this not to seem braggy, but am thinking maybe they accepted like their top choices early and then are waiting on those decisions before doing their next r
  7. I'll most likely decline my spot at University of Montevallo very soon. I really liked the program when I visited for my interview, so I hope this helps someone else enjoy the program!!
  8. Yes that's exactly how mine is too, and I also emailed them a couple months ago to make sure it was okay! Guess they're just taking a while. I know their deadline was later than the other places I applied.
  9. I have been accepted to a school that I applied to out of state, and today I emailed declining the offer stating that I wouldn't be able to swing the out of state cost. Well, they called me after receiving my email and left a voicemail saying to call her back and that there might be an option for me. I know that this school does have a scholarship for new grad students that allows them to pay in-state tuition for the first year. So I am thinking this may along the lines of what she will offer me. If that is the case, I don't necessarily still want to decline but I also don't want to accept rig
  10. Has anyone heard from Valdosta, or happen to know when they might get decisions out? I've seen from posts in the past people mentioning their status changing to "under review" or something along those lines and mine does not say that yet.
  11. I got an email yesterday that I was waitlisted. Someone else I know said she got accepted yesterday so I imagine you should hear soon if you didn't today!
  12. Hey! I interviewed last week and I was terrified! It's pretty quick ~15 mins or so depending how much you say of course. Honestly, just think about why you want to go there, what your interests are, your strengths and weaknesses, experiences etc. and be prepared to talk about those things. It's pretty straightforward - they don't throw any crazy curveball questions at you so don't worry! You'll do great and be done with it before you know it!!
  13. I just was offered an interview at the University of Montevallo in a couple weeks...I'm curious if anyone here has interviewed there before and if so, what was your experience?
  14. Just a clarifying question - Recommenders submit one letter on CSDCAS and that letter is sent to each of the programs on CSDCAS, is that correct? One of my professors wants information about who to address his letters to, etc. and I just wanted to make sure for the CSDCAS programs, it'd just be a general salutation since it's sent to multiple schools.
  15. Sorry I hadn’t caught that thread before I posted! Thanks though that’s very helpful
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