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  1. I’m not sure why you got an email saying that they changed the application because their website is up to date and does not indicate that an application should be submitted through CSDCAS (unless I’m just missing it). It could be that you submitted early and they hadn’t gotten a chance to make the change yet and that is why they accepted the application. If it is true that they changed to using CSDCAS, I wouldn’t worry about being overlooked. There was however an option to send in additional forms for observation hours and research activities with your application. It’s not quite the sam
  2. Welcome! I don’t have any experience with CO schools however I thought I’d reassure you by answering some of your questions. Coming from an unrelated major won’t wreck you. There have been people who switched careers after obtaining their undergrad and have still gotten in so don’t let that discourage you. You have a good GPA and GRE score. It’s about average for this field but I believe it still offers you a good chance for grad school. If you weren’t aware of the ASHA Edfind site, it lists all the schools undergrad, masters, audiology etc. in the US. They offer statistics in term
  3. Hi! I don’t have a lot of experience with this but I will tell you what I know. To my knowledge there’s a difference between an online program and a distance learning program. I don’t know a whole lot about online programs but I do know information for at least one distance learning program so I’ll use that experience. From my experience, the distance learning programs require you to be on campus certain times. The program I applied to ENMU requires you to be on campus for a minimum of one semester your first year and then distance learning for the rest. They specifically mention t
  4. I think you’re right that being on their insurance won’t be an issue. If I remember correctly though putting in any type of information about your parents is completely optional if you file as an independent so you might be able to just skip it altogether
  5. As the user above mentioned teaching English abroad is a good idea. I looked into this when I decided I wanted to do a gap year. You could probably stay in the States to do this too but from what I remember there weren’t as many opportunities as there would be abroad. Something that might boost your overall appeal (in my opinion) is if you become a teacher through CityYear (teaching experience + experience working with kids). If you haven’t heard of it, it’s like Teach for America except you only have to commit for one year as opposed to two. Since they do training in the summer it might
  6. I had a low GPA overall a 3.1 and in the major a 3.3. I did take a year off and got accepted for fall 2019. For me personally, I only sent in 3 LORs. Two professors and an SLP I shadowed. I think sending in a fourth won’t hurt your chances. Unless of course a school explicitly says they only want 3 but for the most part I don’t think they would mind having a fourth. If you come across a school that really only wants 3 I would double check the requirements (sometimes two have to be professors) and then submit only one from your undergrad professors, and then the teacher you cove
  7. Not sure how good this plan B is but had I not gotten in for fall I would’ve taken classes/gone abroad to learn Spanish.
  8. Hi everyone! I was rejected yesterday as well. Congrats to those accepted!
  9. I think most schools have their own policies about this but I’ll go based off what I know. I was accepted for fall 2019 but I need to take a few prerequisites this summer. For my school in particular I need to get Bs or better or essentially a 3.0 in order to continue into the grad program. If I fail to meet this then I will no longer have a spot for the fall semester. So yes, they can rescind admission. I believe as a general rule-although I could be wrong-that most schools don’t allow you to get a C in more than one course and even if you did you have to retake it. This might be
  10. Haha no worries! Congrats on your acceptance! Their cohort is full for fall though...guess it wasn’t meant to be for me.
  11. Wait so if no one got an email the other day we won’t hear till May 10th? Just double checking since I didn’t get one and I didn’t call them either. Congrats to everyone who as accepted!!
  12. Hi! So in my opinion if this is the major you truly love you should stick with it. I was originally in a different major my freshman year too. I got a D+ in a pre req for that major and ended my first semester with a 2.1. I think if you stay consistent and make sure you get really good grades your last two years you’re overall will jump up. I went from a 2.1 to a 3.1 so with two years left for you you have time to get your GPA up. Don’t forget a lot of schools look at your last 60 credit hours more than your overall. So if you happen to get a 3.5 to 4.0 your last two years that’ll
  13. @JordanBroz same lol and because it’s so late I don’t think we’ll get one. Fingers crossed though and as always best of luck to everyone!!
  14. I didn’t receive this email (yet, hopefully) so thanks so much for the update!
  15. Hi! We had another thread going but you’re right we never got around to creating a page/group for our cohort. There is one for all students I believe: Eastern New Mexico University Communicative Disorders/SLP Majors. Congrats on your acceptance!
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