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  1. Oh gosh. My school never explicitly said that I need to have certain grades or a minimum. But maybe that's something that is implied? I'm now wondering if I should go ahead and e-mail/call the program to let them know that my grades from this semester aren't great, or just send them the grades through my transcript and wait it out to see if they say anything. Or wait to see if they even ask for them, which they probably will.
  2. Hello! I was accepted to grad school for fall 2019 admission in a communication and sciences disorders program. I’m coming from out of field (degree is in psychology) and have been taking leveling courses this past fall and current spring. I did extremely well in my leveling courses in the fall, however this semester I have not been doing great. I will likely end up with 3 C’s and 2 B-’s in COMD courses, so NOT GOOD. Has anyone heard of schools rescinding admission? I know this happens but am wondering if those are for more serious cases, like failures? On my acceptance letter, it says that if I am currently taking classes and my GPA becomes lower than the GPA on file, they have the right to revoke my acceptance. I have a low GPA to begin with (it was a miracle I got accepted anywhere). I will be taking more leveling courses throughout the summer and am planning on doing super well on those to bring everything back up. I'm just scared at the possibility of having my acceptance revoked!!!
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