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  1. Offered admission at U of A and ENMU (US). Will be accepting at U of A.
  2. I've also taken that one through the U of A. Feel free to PM with questions. (Apologies for the repost; it wouldn't allow me to add a quote and I couldn't delete it? ?‍♀️
  3. Congrats! Come to the dark side lol ? The winters suuuuck here, but the U of A is awesome. And we only have 5 percent tax! In all seriousness, a tough decision. Good luck and best wishes!
  4. I'm jealous... mine's still pre-screening and hasn't budged. I keep checking 5 times a day ? Maybe it's a "watched pot never boils" approach I need to take instead?
  5. Do you have to send updated transcripts at all? Or were your classes complete? Congrats again! Hope to meet you soon!
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