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  1. Can you look at old ORPAS applications? I went to the website and there’s no option to login. I really want to copy and paste 😆
  2. Don't wait until last minute to start your application! Have at least 1 other person who will be honest with you review your statement of intent.
  3. Hi! From my understanding it’s definitely preferred to have all prereqs completed by the application deadline but as long as the class grade is in for Aug 2022 you should be fine!
  4. Disclaimer: I haven't been admitted to any school, just an applicant, so my advice is based on my personal experience and info gathered from others I believe McGill is the only English school that looks at cumulative GPA. With your overall I would probably focus on schools that look at sGPA. sGPA is the best way to improve your chances of getting into a school. McMaster this year offered interviews to those with 3.8+ sGPAs. It appears that most schools really value high grades! Would you consider applying to Western? They are one of the few schools who seem to take students with lower GPA
  5. Hi Personally I would go the individual route if emails are available. Depending on how big the clinic is sometimes they have a coordinator who arranges these things as part of their job.
  6. Can anyone who applied to U of Alberta this year clarify how they calculated GPA? I know they’re not including grade from Winter 2020. Does that mean that the grades from only 3 semesters are actually considered since Winter 2020 still counts toward the 60 credits?
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