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  1. Does anyone go to Columbia’s bilingual institute? Or have/know any information on it? How do you like it? How is the workload?
  2. Has anyone taken their BEA exam? If so, in what language and how was it? anyone have any experiences getting their BEA- did you pursue it post-grad or embedded in your grad program?
  3. Thank you! I just began my second semester and I would say that I study almost every day with the exception of some weekends. I would say about 6-10 hours per week on one class. It also depends on the material covered that week. The thing I love most about the program is that we are able to watch the asynch lectures as many times as we want which is so helpful! It really allows you to go back and grasp the material. The professors are honestly amazing.. I've loved every single one of them and they are always so helpful. As for more theory/research.. I do not really feel that's been the case. W
  4. Hi there! I am currently a student at NYU's program and about to start my second semester next week. So far so good! I have enjoyed the professors and the coursework and feel that the first semester went well for the most part. I also live in New York so I do go on campus to study which is helpful. Feel free to ask me any other questions you have specifically about the school!
  5. I can’t really speak on much given that I’m on the east coast and not familiar with sdsu but I did take my pre reqs at a different school than where I attended undergrad because my school didn’t offer CSD courses. It wasn’t a problem transferring my transcripts around. Also when I was applying, I only had 3 classes completed lol. That did keep me from applying to one school who required at least 4 classes on my transcript so I think you should be in the clear! You should definitely reach out to schools and see if they have any issues with not having all the pre reqs done (although they shouldn
  6. Yes you could definitely health issues contributed to the rocky start you experienced but once you got a hold of your health and managed it, you were able to manage your schoolwork as well. Don’t be too vague and good luck!
  7. I’m not sure about what it’s like in Ohio but there should be programs listing the requirements if you just google SLPA Ohio requirements. However, some of these programs are lengthy and if I were you I’d just jump into my masters. That’s just me though! There are programs like Columbia and NYU that allow you to take the pre reqs while you are in the program, it will just take you longer to complete it. I’m not sure if you’re looking for out of state schools though! NYU does have an online option for speech. Columbia offers the pre reqs online to be completed the summer before the program star
  8. I don’t think many programs care what you get on the Q considering you did pretty well on the writing portion and the verbal. That’s just my opinion tho. People get in with lower scores! I think you should be fineeeeeee.
  9. Hey all. I was wondering if any graduate students have had any luck with finding outside scholarships? Or know of any good places to apply to? I have tried sites like fastweb and scholarships.com but never get any of the big ones I have applied to. I figured it wouldn't hurt to try to find some kind of funding out there given my hefty tuition bill lol.
  10. Hi! Current student here. I also am an outside major (Sociology and Polisci double major). I was so nervous about not getting into any schools since my background is non-speech related. You should be fine as long as you have done the pre-reqs and have volunteering as well! Best of luck!
  11. Hi! I am currently in the program full time. Your Plan of Study is tailored to you and how many pre-reqs you have done. It's about 2- 2 1/2 years for the full time study. I'm happy to answer any more questions if you'd like!
  12. Definitely apply! My score was slightly less than a 300 and I got into the programs I applied to except one.
  13. I am about to start my first semester so I am not sure if this website will work but I did find a lot of my speech textbooks for undergrad (and every other subject for that matter) on this: b-ok.org. It's free, you just need to download the book onto your laptop. Hopefully it has the books you're looking for on it- worth a try! Good luck! Also slugbooks.com compares prices of major sites like chegg, amazon, textbook rentals, etc, and shows you the cheapest place to buy or rent your books from.
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