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  1. Hello! I am in my first year of the program, you are welcome to message me :)
  2. I can read it over! First year grad student
  3. I'm stating my child clinic this upcoming semester. I was hoping to gain insight from current or past grad students as to how they prepared for clinic or what they wish they had prepared before beginning their clinical work. Any and all tips are appreciated! Thank you.
  4. I was also very overwhelmed when I sat down to write my personal statement. I had so many ideas that I wanted to put together but didn't know where to start; I just began jotting down any and all ideas I had and as I continued to write I figured out how to sequence it to make it sound great (and then scrapped that essay and redid it about 100x, no joke). Just ask yourself; why do I want this (admission to grad school/ becoming an SLP)? What have I done to achieve this? How will this specific program help me achieve this? Good luck!
  5. I am willing to look it over as well! Just finished my first semester
  6. DO IT!!! It is definitely not too late. I completed my post-bacc work in 3 semesters which in the long run is not very long if it's something you really want to do. I would say take the leveling courses back home to save money, unless you will be able to put in 100% where you are currently. You're going to want to aim for A's in all if not most of your classes so being home and not having to work about work will be nice. Also, you can save your money for when you are in grad school and REALLY cannot work a ton. The admissions process IS daunting, and it is a b**ch, but you can get through it a
  7. Thanks for the reply! When you say "some of us", are you referring to your cohort in a graduate program? Thanks!
  8. I'm starting my program three weeks from today and have begun looking into the required textbooks for each course. Each one, bought used, is around $100! I understand that they are a good investment but wouldn't it make more sense to invest in them when I am actually making money as an SLP? I am mainly concerned that they will be needed as reference for my clinical placements, to which I would not have if I rented them. Thoughts? TIA!
  9. You are able to submit fall transcripts to CSDCAS after you submit your original application. You may also wait until you get your fall semester grades to submit your application so that the schools will see it. I'm not entirely sure about all school's "weeding out" process but I have heard that CSUF will not review applications for applicants with a CSD GPA below 3.7. But I'm sure there are some exceptions.
  10. Thank you! Definitely some of that going on here. I will continue to fight through it!
  11. SO the waiting game is over and I’ve finally committed to a program, yay! Has the anxiety stopped, no! I’m super nervous for whatever reason that my school is going to be like oh jk, you’re not *actually accepted! Am am I just being irrational? I have all of the prereqs required and even did post bacc here, just nervous that I made the wrong choice for whatever reason. I just want to be happy and excited!
  12. Has anyone been accepted off of the waitlist yet? Saw some new acceptance posts on the results page today..
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