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  1. I applied to 6, got accepted to 4, waitlisted at 1, and rejected at 1. The six I applied to: Cal State Fullerton (Accepted-going here), University of Redlands (Accepted), Washington State (Accepted), Chapman (Accepted), Loma Linda (Waitlisted), Cal State Los Angeles (Rejected). I think I applied to a good amount but it was still a lot of money! Would definitely narrow it down as much as you can. Now that I look at where I've applied, I probably should have dropped Chapman (too expensive) and CSU LA (too competitive)
  2. Applied to 6. Got accepted into 3 (including top choice), rejected from 1, waitlisted at 1, and haven't heard back from one.
  3. Yes! I received my acceptance on Tuesday, which I thought was surprisingly early since I always hear they send things out late.
  4. Hello all! I just got accepted into CSUF's program and I am really considering it since it will be the cheapest out of all the programs I've applied to. I just wanted to know more insight on the masters program by anyone who's completed it or is currently in the program right now. I would really love insight from people in the program right now since I've known the program has gone through numerous changes in the past few years. I've been told it's 2.5 years long but I've also heard 3 years from some people, so I was wondering how much can that vary? I did my postbacc here so I won't have to t
  5. I received an invite to their open house just last night for this Friday. Not sure if anyone was accepted without going to the open house first, so I feel like whoever posted on the results page is lying lol
  6. Saw some people posted acceptances from Fullerton in the results page. Did anyone get anything?
  7. I've heard that we're supposed to hear from Fullerton tonight but don't know how accurate that is, or if it will happen lol.
  8. Does anyone know what Chapman's schedule is like throughout the week? How many classes every week, what times are they at, what times are clinics at?
  9. Thank you for all that information! Truly appreciate it!
  10. Does anyone know what kind of funding Chapman offers, if any? Reading through the forum I saw that some people were offered fellowships, was wondering how much is that usually?
  11. Hello! I wanted to know more about UofR's Masters program: How is the schedule like for a grad student? How many days of the week are there classes/clinic? What kind of placements do they offer? I heard somewhere that they mostly do in house clinical hours but offer 2 52-day health/school based opportunities, is that true and is that for the full time placements? Also if anyone has received any aid from them? Any information would be helpful!
  12. Thank you! I received it at 1:40PM PST today.
  13. I received an acceptance today from Redlands!
  14. I heard back from Chapman today. I will be having an interview this Friday.
  15. Thank you! I actually ended up emailing the graduate coordinator after I posted this and she said the same thing
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