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  1. Hello! So I am trying to finalize my transcript entry but during the section that says to mark AP exams if they are CLEARLY listed as AP on your transcript, I'm not sure what to do. I did take AP exams in high school and got college credit for them but on my transcript they show as "TRN - TEST CREDIT." So they're not listed as "AP" but would I still mark those as AP?
  2. Hello, for anyone attending Loma Linda University (this is a general question) for the SLP program, I was wondering what the stance was on body piercings (I have a small nose piercing) and tattoos? I was doing my application and saw that they would like a photo of you (voluntary) so if I do upload my photo, should I take out my piercing? I feel like this is a bit ridiculous to ask but I am super curious lol 😂
  3. Hello, so I want to send my GRE scores and transcripts early so I can get that all out of the way and I know it takes a while to verify. However, I'm not close to submitting any of my applications yet so I was wondering if it was still okay to do that even if the schools don't have an application of mine on file?
  4. I sent an email to my professors asking when they were available to discuss a potential recommendation letter. If I haven’t had that professor in a while, I will remind them who I am and what class I had with them as well as what grade I got. After we set up a time to meet at their office, I brought my resume, transcripts, personal statement, and a list of schools with deadlines in a manila envelope to give them. Some schools offer leveling Masters programs which allow you to take prerequisites the first year and then matriculate into the grad program. You won’t be able to apply to programs that don’t have that because they want you to have had a postbac done for SLP or have your bachelors in communicative disorders.
  5. Does anyone know what the difference is between their traditional program and the Special Cohort one? Is the Special Cohort still available?
  6. For those people who are attending Loma Linda for their masters or were accepted, what was your GPA? I didn't find anything about average GPA on their website.
  7. Hi, I'll be applying for grad school this semester and am a bit concerned about letter of recs! I know two professors I will be asking (hoping they will say yes) but I don't think I have someone else SLP-related to ask for the 3rd one. Right now I'm thinking of getting one from my supervisor at work (I tutor students) but not sure if that would be good enough.... I can't ask for one from the place I'm volunteering at right now because they only give them out if we get 100 hours and I won't have that many hours in time. The other place I volunteered at was mostly just observing and my supervisor was a physical therapist but I don't feel comfortable asking her because it wasn't really hands on. (mostly just filing/cleaning work) So would it be okay to get one from work? I have tutors students with disabilities and English Language Learners there so I feel like it's somewhat related. The schools that I am applying to are in California so if any of you guys have experience with their apps and what they want from letter of recs that will be helpful too!
  8. Right now its a 3.85 but after grades go in this semester I'm expecting it to drop.
  9. Hello, I just ended my Spring semester today and I'm not feeling too hot. Pretty sure my 3.85 gpa is going to fall somewhere between a 3.6-3.7 after grades get put in. But I still have my last 4 classes to take this Fall semester to bring it back up, however since I'm a postbacc student I will also be applying to grad schools in the Fall. My question is: If I do end up bringing my GPA back up, will schools still look at my transcripts from Fall semester even after I send out my apps with my lower GPA? I'm assuming they HAVE to since they need to make sure I completed all the 12 classes for my postbacc? I am in California and tend to be applying only in state. I was also wondering, specifically for California schools, do they really weed you out my GPA and GRE score without looking at the rest of your app? I feel like I have great volunteer experience as well as research experience and would be able to get great LORs from professors to offset GPA but I'm really scared that they look at GPA and if you have a 3.6 or 3.7 they don't bother looking at anything else...Any advice or personal experience would be helpful!! Thanks!!
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