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  1. I was about to post this same exact thing!! I was waitlisted at my top choice and have updated my resume and gained some observation hours and don't know if I should follow up!
  2. Thank you guys for your responses! I really appreciate it 🙂
  3. I applied to ECU and they were supposed to send interviews out sometime this week. Some people heard that they got an interview yesterday and I did not. Do you think I will receive an email saying that I was rejected? Or would they not send an email for that? Opinions and thoughts please!
  4. Hey guys! I've seen some people getting an email from ECU informing them about an interview and I was wondering if your application through the self service center says that as well? My application status still says under review! Thanks!
  5. Hi guys! I applied to ECU's 3 year SLP program but I am confused about the required 25 observation hours. It did not say anywhere on the application or website about when you needed to have them completed if you are an out of field student. I am applying to another 3 year program that allows you to complete those hours during the program. I have attempted calling the school but their phone hasn't been working. Does anyone know the answer to this?
  6. I think that the personal statement will be the death of me. The prompt is: "Please provide a one-page letter of intent in which you comment on your (1) undergraduate courses of study and performance; (2) goals and aspirations for graduate study in the SLP program; " At first it seemed fairly easy to write but it has been a struggle to say the least. I am an out-of-field student (child development major) and think I know what I want to discuss in terms of my courses but I'm not sure how to say it. I took a families course and learned about how to work collaboratively and communicate effectively with families of all backgrounds and I think that this is really important when working with children in order to give them the best therapy possible. We also focused on the concept of empathy in this course which I believe is also incredibly important and beneficial to therapists to be able to understand the struggle the families may be going through after being told their child needs therapy (no parent wants to hear that their child is behind in some way). When I write I keep making it more like an essay as opposed to a personal statement (talking about myself is not something I'm great at). I hope that this made and sense and would appreciate any and all advice!
  7. Hi guys! I've been using magoosh to prepare for the GRE (I'm taking it this Thursday) and just took my first practice test. I got a 163 V and 145 Q which is not the best but not as bad as I thought it would be. I've heard that the magoosh practice tests are different and more difficult than the ETS practice test and that the ETS test is a more accurate depiction of what score you will get. For those of you who have taken the GRE do you think that is true?? Thank you!!
  8. I am applying to Appstate and ECU for SLP grad school for Fall 2020 and was wondering if anyone could tell me if you got in and your stats?? Would love to hear about your experience at those schools too if you feel like sharing!!
  9. I am going to be asking some potential recommendation letter writers this week and wanted to ask for some advice! I will be asking in person but I want to send an email requesting a meeting! What should I say in the email? Do I mention that it is for recommendation letters? Also, I am a child development major applying to SLP grad school and because of this, I don't have any CSD or SLP professors that I will be able to ask for the letters. Will this hurt my chances? Thank you!
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