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  1. Sorry if this is a bit off topic--I graduated in field a few years ago and am now applying for the fall 2020 cohort. Can anyone give me a general idea of the timeline for applications? I'm nearing the end of having everything paid and requested but don't have any of my letters back. Am I behind at this point? When should I start to get nervous if things aren't submitted? My earliest deadline is 2/1.
  2. Thank you for responding! Being out of school has made it a bit difficult to get myself to focus on this. I'll check these sites out!
  3. Hey everyone! I graduated from undergrad a few years ago and am now applying for the fall 2020 grad programs. Is there anyone that would want to chat about resumes/personal statements? I'm finishing up my resume but am nearly clueless for my statement. Would love to bounce ideas off someone if anyone is interested!
  4. Hi everyone! Is it too late to take the GRE in October to apply for fall 2019? I've been stressing out about it and putting it off but need to schedule a date asap.
  5. I worked for 2 years after graduating with a CSD degree and am now applying for fall 2019. I'm asking 2 professors for LORs but was wondering if it'd be appropriate to get my 3rd LOR from my employer. I work at mortgage company and plan on highlighting skills I learned from the professional experience in my LOI but I'm not sure if getting an LOR from my supervisor will help/hurt me. Any advice is welcomed!
  6. Hi everyone! I've been shadowing a few SLPs in a private clinic but I'm not sure how I need to document these hours. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've seen past posts where people created their own spreadsheets to document but I'm not sure what I need to submit for applications in the fall.
  7. Were you calling departments once you started applying? My top choice is where I went for undergrad and I'm still in contact with a professor there so I'm hoping that counts for something. I'm on the low end for their preferred GPA (3.51) and I'm not sure what they look for in an applicant.
  8. @Jbslp95 I've been trying to do some research on it but haven't been able to find an exact answer. I think I'll have to call the department! My top choice does say online that if in field applicants haven't taken audiology, that they would be able to in the grad program as an elective. So I'm wondering that maybe they'd just make me retake it in grad school if I was admitted. I was feeling really good about everything else but am now starting to panic about this because I got a C in physics too Are you taking audiology online? I'm wondering if it's too late to sign up for a course this summer.
  9. Did you retake CSD classes that you go C's in? I got a C in audiology and I'm debating on whether or not I should retake it. I've never applied but am applying for Fall 2019. My GPA is 3.51 and I'm trying to really do well on the GRE to counter it.
  10. If I'm going the speech route would any of you recommend retaking audiology? I got a C in it. Also, I got a C in my physics class. Those were my worst grades and got As in everything else except neuroanatomy (B). I'm not sure if it's worth retaking these classes or not.
  11. Hi all! I graduated with my bachelor's in 2016 but wanted to take time off before applying to a grad program. I've been pretty bummed out because I just don't think I have much of a chance since I took time off and haven't done anything relevant in the time being. I've been working full time since graduation in the business field but am switching to nannying part-time this summer so I will have the time to shadow and volunteer with local SLPs. I'm not sure if it helps but the 2 children I'm nannying have Tourette syndrome. I graduated with a 3.51 overall GPA and am taking the GRE this summer. I've already started a rigorous studying schedule because I want to blow the GRE out of the water to counter my GPA being a bit lower. I will be able to get LORs but I only think 1 or 2 will be decent. However, I'm thinking if I shadow enough then I can have an SLP (who worked with my sisters for years) write me a LOR. Is there anything you guys think I can do to help strengthen my application? I'm applying for Fall 2019 so I don't have a ton of time but want to do anything I can.
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