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  1. I just got accepted! Did you find a facebook group?
  2. I'm currently waitlisted and was told I'd find out by the 21st...so maybe me if I can get in!
  3. Hey everyone! I was just waitlisted to my top choice and only applied to one other school, so i'm obviously a little anxious (not too surprised though). Should I follow up with the program director expressing my interest in the program I was waitlisted at or just wait to be contacted? I'm a few years out from when I did undergrad and am not sure what my next steps should be!
  4. @Blondie! How are you feeling about it? That's where I completed my undergrad and wanted to do grad too. Kinda bummed but still hopeful that I could get off the waitlist. Now I'm just anxiously refreshing my email for WCU lol. Do you know if we'll be told through CSDCAS or email?
  5. Just found out I was waitlisted at App State. That's my first choice so I'm praying I get a spot! I haven't heard back from Western Carolina.
  6. Hey guys! I graduated in 2016 and this is my first time applying to a master's program. I only applied to Appalachian State and Western Carolina but can't figure out how to change the colors on my phone lol. Hoping to hear back soon!
  7. @estel Thank you for the response and calming some nerves! Having graduated a few years ago and trying to get back into the swing of things has been extremely intimidating.
  8. None of my professors have submitted their LOR but everything else for my application is submitted. My earliest deadline is 2/1...am I going to miss the deadline because of my LORs? I've read that you should get all materials submitted weeks before the deadline but I've been out of school for a few years and am not sure. I feel like I've screwed myself over and won't have a completed application in time because of these darn letters. Someone help so I can stop panicking or start to make a plan to apply a lot earlier for the next cycle!!
  9. Sorry if this is a bit off topic--I graduated in field a few years ago and am now applying for the fall 2020 cohort. Can anyone give me a general idea of the timeline for applications? I'm nearing the end of having everything paid and requested but don't have any of my letters back. Am I behind at this point? When should I start to get nervous if things aren't submitted? My earliest deadline is 2/1.
  10. Thank you for responding! Being out of school has made it a bit difficult to get myself to focus on this. I'll check these sites out!
  11. Hey everyone! I graduated from undergrad a few years ago and am now applying for the fall 2020 grad programs. Is there anyone that would want to chat about resumes/personal statements? I'm finishing up my resume but am nearly clueless for my statement. Would love to bounce ideas off someone if anyone is interested!
  12. Hi everyone! Is it too late to take the GRE in October to apply for fall 2019? I've been stressing out about it and putting it off but need to schedule a date asap.
  13. I worked for 2 years after graduating with a CSD degree and am now applying for fall 2019. I'm asking 2 professors for LORs but was wondering if it'd be appropriate to get my 3rd LOR from my employer. I work at mortgage company and plan on highlighting skills I learned from the professional experience in my LOI but I'm not sure if getting an LOR from my supervisor will help/hurt me. Any advice is welcomed!
  14. Hi everyone! I've been shadowing a few SLPs in a private clinic but I'm not sure how I need to document these hours. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've seen past posts where people created their own spreadsheets to document but I'm not sure what I need to submit for applications in the fall.
  15. Were you calling departments once you started applying? My top choice is where I went for undergrad and I'm still in contact with a professor there so I'm hoping that counts for something. I'm on the low end for their preferred GPA (3.51) and I'm not sure what they look for in an applicant.
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