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  1. I have always struggled with chemistry, bio and all the other sciences are fine, I just have always found chem to be very dry... so that made the class a bit challenging so I could never focus. Thank goodness my professor just tested us by multiple choice - I knew some friends that had to actually had short answers ??? GIRL, I wouldn't even know where to begin. But I mean.... Online was the easy route, I thank goodness I did that. ??
  2. I took it online this semester at Cal State Fullerton with professor Byrne. It wasn't difficult but there was A LOT of busy work, so generally we had about 1 participation assignment, 1 homework, 1 quiz, 1 WileyPlus -- this is scattered throughout the weeks (sometimes we would have like four things due and others 1 or 2, varies throughout the week). BUT, I know that I had an easier experience than some of my friends that took it in person and had to sit through 3 hour lectures.... I would suggest doing chem online.
  3. I had a two backup plans: 1. Getting a SLPA license and applying next fall. 2. Continue working at my job, instructional aide for SPED, and use this time to save up and retake the GREs to apply for next spring.
  4. I have many post-bac friends who had low undergrad GPAs but got into grad school because their SLP GPA was high. From my experiences, I would say they grad schools weigh prerequisite GPA higher than overall.
  5. Very steep unfortunately. Hopefully FMU gets back to you soon! And yes please keep me update on SU, I'll let you know if I hear anything as well
  6. Will you accept FMU if offered? $19K per semester, if you are out of state. So for out of staters it would be fall, spring, summer (roughly $60K) and fall and spring ($20K) - if I decided to apply for residency- totaling up to about $80K. In CA when they do price breakdowns it is often done by the year (at least from what I have seen) so I initially assumed that it was affordable and I did the math and I was shocked. It was too expensive and too far from home for me I think if you are in-state it would be reasonable, roughly $50K. Keep me update on SU! It's the most affordable on my list so I would take it for sure!!!
  7. Hi everyone, I will be turning my offer from FMU. Good luck to everyone, hope amazing news comes your way! ???
  8. Right now SU is my top option because it is the most affordable! I am really hoping that it works out ??? Thanks so much! It is such an honor being accepted but I will probably end up turning down their offer. The out of state tuition there is insane and it's on the other side of the country, so far away from my family and bf. I don't want to live on a different time zone than them. I will accept MWU in AZ because it is closer to home. Keep me updated! I am wishing you the best for FMU! ??
  9. Nice to talk someone else that applied here! I haven't found anyone on gradcafe this cycle. I emailed the director a few days ago and she said that they are currently going through final exams and graduation, so we should be expecting to hear back in a few weeks. Did you receive SU's application after you finished the CSDCAS application? Bc I haven't gotten anything yet.
  10. I know this is an old thread, but if anyone has insight on Southern University's application process please do tell. I know they have a late deadline, so what's the normal time applicants should be hearing back?
  11. I understand the feeling completely, moving across the country and being so far away from home.. yeah that will most definitely be difficult. I am not afraid of the difficulty of the program - I will find a way to manage, but I am afraid of loneliness. Roomates will definitely help out with that Hmmmm... I don't have FB but I will probably make one to get to know the cohort ??
  12. Hi! I have been accepted as well. I'm from SoCal, nice to meet another out of stater! I have never been to the south either! So I have no idea where to live, eat, etc. lol.
  13. Stay positive. I know it's soooo hard to. But please do. There's no point in stressing, what's going to happen still happening. I know it is difficult, trust me I have received MANY rejections this cycle. But please keep your head up and keep having faith and hope. It's not May 10 just yet and you have no idea what's coming your way.
  14. Hi everyone! I applied to this school and I haven't heard anything back. Has anyone received anything? I haven't heard anything about this program on gradcafe, so if anyone has some insight please share!
  15. Midwestern - Glendale: Accepted off waitlist, will likely turn down.
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