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  1. Have you considered applying at UT Dallas, or OU? Norman isn't too far from Dallas. I really don't think there would be an issue with admissions at any of these schools.
  2. Thanks! Well it would take about 11 years to hit the salary step where I'd make 6 figures, low six. 😶 I am looking into a program with a total cost that is a little more than 1 year of tuition at my school.
  3. Contact Rachael in the department, I forget her last name but she may be able to help you.
  4. I was accepted into a program and it's the only one I got into, but I am getting cold feet about taking a huge loan. I received the max from financial aid which is $20,00 but I would still need $40,000 more for the year. Now I'm considering applying to an online program where the total cost would be a little over what I would pay each year at my school. I don't have undergrad loans.
  5. I am going to look into the course with Shasta, thank you!
  6. I noticed ASHA posted about the new course requirements on social media same time I was on so I asked if the classes can be taken for credit/no credit or a grade. I was so relieved I found out credit/no credit is an option! I am the worst at math and honestly chemistry does not sound "fun". Lol
  7. I have not seen a cut off time for ASHA pre-reqs either. So one of the online programs is telling me I have to retake all of my ASHA pre-reqs because they are older than 5 years. This is the first time I’ve ever heard this and honestly I am not keen about retaking those courses.
  8. I cannot even begin to imagine a 4 week version, no thanks! LoL
  9. That is ridiculous. I guess the committee needs to classify students as residents or non-residents before making a decision.
  10. I took the class in the summer at ENMU, my summer was ruined. LoL
  11. I agree, the residency paperwork is a hassle. Which school asked you? I had to send in the residency form and all of the accompanying materials to SDSU and I live in California!
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