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  1. SoCali

    Age 40+ applicants

    Are you in your first or second year, how are you liking your program?
  2. SoCali

    Age 40+ applicants

    Good luck on your interviews, that is very exciting news. :) I also have an old dog, he is diabetic!
  3. SoCali

    Age 40+ applicants

    Congratulations on your acceptance!
  4. How do you like the program at LLU?
  5. I second the part about the traffic!
  6. SoCali

    Online SLP Master Programs

    That is right and NAU only has post baccalaureate classes online. L
  7. That's great! How long ago did you take the class? Barrow is the only one teaching it now.
  8. SoCali

    Online SLP Master Programs

    Florida State: I believe students must reside in Florida to attend online. Thanks so much for the list!
  9. Did you take speech and hearing A&P at Pacific?
  10. I am considering this route. What year are you? Which school are you attending?
  11. SoCali

    Age 40+ applicants

    Oh and I sent you a PM.
  12. SoCali

    Age 40+ applicants

    I also agree the entire process is intimidating. That's great you were accepted at NYU. What was their program like? I hope you get into Mercy!

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