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  1. I am currently deciding on a graduate school to attend, and I am interested in pediatric dysphagia. I hope to eventually get a PhD in this topic, so I hope to get some relevant research under my belt during graduate school. One school I am considering has researchers on this topic, and the other does not. However, the school that does not indicated that I may be able to do research (likely not a full-blown thesis, however) on the topic, and has an externship, making a placement in the NICU much more attainable than in the school with pediatric dysphagia research. Does anyone have any insight as to what would be better for my future career? Likely NICU clinic with minimal research or possible NICU clinic with thesis research?
  2. maimas4466


    Definitely! I'm in a similar position, can I ask what schools you're deciding between?
  3. maimas4466

    Northeastern 2019

    Does anyone have any idea when we should hear about funding?
  4. maimas4466

    MGH vs. Vanderbilt for Medical SLP

    Pulling up a reallllyyyy old thread but curious as to which school you ended up choosing! I was lucky to receive scholarships at both of these schools, so I am in a similar position.
  5. maimas4466


    Same! I don't know of a group yet, but I'm chatting with the director on the phone Thursday so I will let you know if he says anything regarding fb groups. Are you planning on attending for sure?
  6. maimas4466

    Vanderbilt Funding

    I got my funding letter in the mail today!! Was sent to my home address
  7. maimas4466


    Agreed! If any current Vandy students are looking at this and would be willing to answer some questions, please PM me!!
  8. maimas4466


    I think my undergrad thesis is what made me stand out the most, along with stats that are consistent with what Vandy reports. I also had interdisciplinary clinical experience, which was a little bit of a different angle I presented! Good luck, I wish you the best in your application process! Feel free to pm me if you want to discuss more
  9. maimas4466

    Accepted in MGH, SLP Fall 2019

    I was offered a scholarship over the phone and did not receive an email about the scholarship. If they mentioned it on the phone, I'm sure it'll come in an email soon! It seems as if the acceptance emails are from MGH as a whole, and not SLP, so maybe that's why.
  10. maimas4466


    Thanks! And I will pm you Mlslp
  11. maimas4466


    Conrgats to you as well! That's what I was thinking. Did you happen to catch when the letter was coming? I was so surprised I forgot to ask any questions, including whether or not I was accepted to the voice/medical track!
  12. maimas4466


    Just got a call that I was accepted to Vanderbilt University and IN SHOCK. Does anyone know if they are offering funding in the initial phone call or if that comes later? Thanks!
  13. maimas4466

    Northeastern Interview

    I interviewed in-person and I haven't heard anything yet! At my info session after the interview they said they hope to get decisions out this week, so fingers crossed!
  14. Undergrad at Pitt and totally agree! I love that there's no in house clinic so you immediately get external placements (therefore, you get more varied clinic experiences than at other schools), but the curriculum doesn't allow much flexibility, and there are essentially no electives. To me, it is important to take specific courses I'm interested in, like pediatric dysphagia, so I likely will not be continuing my graduate education at Pitt. This is definitely not make or break though, it just depends on how customizable you want your curriculum to be!

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