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  1. Is anyone else taking aural rehab at UMass online? The website says the course starts tomorrow and I'm registered and have paid, but have not gotten any information about the class like a syllabus or how to access lectures. Does anyone know if there is anything else I need to do?
  2. How does one go about registering for just one online class? I might be missing something but I'm trying to either do aural rehab at OSU or ENMU
  3. I didn't see a deposit either! I've gotten my email address and everything so I think there just isn't one!
  4. You as well!! Have you gotten any extra info after committing?
  5. I haven't heard anything! I'm planning on committing though, let me know if you find out about one/make one!
  6. I am deciding between two programs- one ends in August, and the other ends in May. I am interested in getting a CFY that is more of a "program", and I am wondering if not graduating until August will impact my ability to get accepted to one of these CF programs. Has anyone had experience in one of these programs/graduating in August and getting a CF?
  7. I am currently deciding on a graduate school to attend, and I am interested in pediatric dysphagia. I hope to eventually get a PhD in this topic, so I hope to get some relevant research under my belt during graduate school. One school I am considering has researchers on this topic, and the other does not. However, the school that does not indicated that I may be able to do research (likely not a full-blown thesis, however) on the topic, and has an externship, making a placement in the NICU much more attainable than in the school with pediatric dysphagia research. Does anyone have any insight as to what would be better for my future career? Likely NICU clinic with minimal research or possible NICU clinic with thesis research?
  8. Definitely! I'm in a similar position, can I ask what schools you're deciding between?
  9. Does anyone have any idea when we should hear about funding?
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