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  1. @schmauds Although I can't give you specific answers about the schools you are deciding between, I was in the same predicament. I am wanting to go into the medical field (specifically with peds) - my ultimate dream job would be working in a children's hospital someday. I was deciding between my in-state school (URI) vs. the more medically focused/"prestigious" schools such as BU, Northeastern, and MGH. Since I wasn't offered any funding, all of those schools are about 100K in tuition and my in-state school is a third of that. I wasn't sure if getting into THAT much debt was worth it and if it could be justified by the experiences and the opportunities I would have. I follow a couple of SLP blogs (specifically SLPs who work in the medical pediatric sector), so, I decided to email them and see if I could pick their brains. Every. single. one. emailed back saying, GO FOR THE MORE AFFORDABLE OPTION! One in particular (who has been on a couple of hiring teams) said that she NEVER looks at where a CF candidate went to school. She said "it is not so much where you went to grad school that makes you a fit for a job during an interview, as much as it is YOU……how you think and express yourself, your GPA, your references from clinical supervisors who speak to your problem-solving and critical reflective thinking, your personal attributes and how you have further educated yourself beyond grad school." Therefore, as much as I still believe BU, Northeastern and MGH are great programs, I can not bring myself to get into that much debt, especially after getting this advice from people who are working within the field. I have decided to attend my in-state school, and I am actually pretty excited about it. I really do not believe that my education is going to be subpar, and I definitely think I am going to get more than enough experience in order to pursue my dream job in the medical field. Deciding between schools has probably been the most difficult part for me, so, I definitely understand your need to make sure that you are making the right decision. However, if SDSU gives you the opportunity to graduate debt-free, I think that's the option I would choose (especially if you take some of the money you would save by not going to UW to further educate yourself by taking CEUs etc.). With that being said, I really don't know much about either program and sometimes it does come down to more than just the cost - like the location, or if you felt one program was a better fit for you over the other. Anyways, I thought I would walk you through my thinking and explain why I decided the way I did - I hope it helps! Good luck deciding between the two.
  2. Hi there! Can I ask what negative aspects have you heard about Worcester? Since they're SO affordable they are definitely in the running for me, I just haven't been able to find out ANY information about them (good or bad). So, if you don't mind sharing the "not so good" aspects you have heard, I would certainly appreciate it. That way I may be able to go into the decision-making process a little more informed.
  3. @Peachyspeachy No problem! Here's the link if you would like to look more into it (https://clep.collegeboard.org/science-and-mathematics/college-algebra). If you look through that link you'll see the breakdown of what's in the test, how to prepare, etc. Like the GRE, It is a standardized test so you may have to study for it. I don't know what your math background is like, but, I had to spend a little bit of time refreshing my brain on most of the concepts since I hadn't taken a math course in a very long time - although it's definitely doable! - and totally worth it at only $85 and less time compared to taking a course for a full semester and spending more $$ on the course. There are also plenty of study materials/practice tests out there that you could look through to help you out - making preparing for it pretty easy.
  4. Hi Peachyspeachy, You could perhaps look into taking the College Algebra CLEP? That would probably be the most inexpensive and quickest way to get the Math course done. My Undergrad required me to do a Math course as a prereq for my Stats class and I took the CLEP to test out of the Math so that I could go straight into the Stats course. I emailed Dr. Melnick about that yesterday, since my acceptance letter also said I needed to send them a transcript of a completed math course, and he said to just send my CLEP results to the department as that will be sufficient enough to fulfill the Math requirement. Hope that helps!
  5. Thanks, alap1234! I went to their open house on Feb 24th and they said the same thing so, I really hope we find out soon.
  6. I was wondering if anyone has heard about funding from Northeastern yet? They are honestly my top choice school but, unfortunately, I cannot afford them if I don't get some sort of funding from them. I have that classic debate going on in my head right now of "dream school vs. cheap school," and it would make it a whole lot easier if I knew about Northeastern's funding decisions. If other people have already heard about funding then I know it's highly likely that I didn't get any, but, I just can't give up hope until I know for sure. So, if anyone has heard anything or knows when we will hear about it, I would genuinely appreciate your input.
  7. For those accepted into the URI M.S. SLP program, any idea of when we need to accept or decline the offer by? I am waiting to hear from other schools but don't want to let this one slip past by accidentally missing the deadline. Also, does anyone know if they're planning an open house, information session, or if there are any opportunities to tour the department for accepted students? I have researched as much as I can online about the school but I feel it really helps going there and meeting faculty, touring the facilities etc. in order to make a more accurate judgment on whether it's a good fit or not. If there are any grad students out there currently attending URI I would love to hear from you too! What you like or dislike about the school, program etc. Thanks!
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