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  1. @ObsessLP@MegSLP Thank you both for your honest input--you each brought up really great points and it's true that the work we put during and after the program will be one of the strongest reflections of us as future SLPs. I wish you both the best in your future programs!
  2. With graduate decision deadlines looming, I'm struggling and split between SDSU and UW (MedSLP). As someone looking to go into the medical field, UW would probably be the obvious choice, but the in-state tuition and financial aid from SDSU would help me finish the program without taking out additional loans. As much as I'd love to go to UW, I worry that the great medical experience and opportunities I'd gain there wouldn't justify the loans I'd have to take out for the $60k tuition, especially as I support my sibling who will be starting college when I finish this program. There are not a lot of programs like UW's that offer the MedSLP track. With that being said, there are a lot of highly qualified and fantastic SLPs working in hospitals that came from programs that do not have a medical specialty (although the MedSLP alumni I met transitioned to hospital positions a lot faster). It will be imperative to do my CFY in a hospital following either program--but especially at SDSU, where a hospital/medical internship may not be guaranteed as it would be at UW. My questions then are 1) for students in SDSU's cohort--how is/was it for you going through the program, especially if you are looking to work in the medical setting? If you graduated, how long did it take you to transition into that arena? Were you able to complete your spring internship in a hospital? If not, how was your experience finding medically-related CFYs? 2) for students in UW's MedSLP program--what was the deciding factor for you personally? I know there are a lot of great opportunities at UW, but then again there are amazing opportunities in any certified program if you put in the effort. So what made you choose this program over all the others, especially if funding from other programs were involved? 3) for anyone who relates with difficulty making the right decision--why did you choose the program you chose? Or if you haven't chosen yet, what is keeping you from choosing? Thank you for your help in advance :-) Please share your thoughts or insights, I would love to hear them!
  3. Hi, I'm a little embarrassed to share that I still haven't made a decision. As close to the deadline as we are, I am split between UW (Med) & SDSU. Unfortunately, I didn't visit MGH's open house, but I can share what I learned from UW's! UW PROS: - research (the dept, as well as the school overall) - developing emphasis on IPE & collaborative learning--esp among PT, OT, SLP, nursing, Aud (they started a new course for MedSLP students last year, but are building on it for upcoming years) - higher # of off-campus placements (as opposed to other schools, which typically only have the one internship during spring qtr/semester)--I believe UW offers placements prior to this internship (I wish I could clarify on this point for you, but unfortunately, I'm a little unsure of the details) - excellent reputation and relationships with hospitals all over the U.S.--not limited to the Seattle area. This means that during spring semester of your 2nd year, you have the option to move states for your internship (although you'd return to finish the last summer quarter) Of course, there are so many other influencing factors, but these are really the highlights of UW for me. I'm sure that MGH also has incredible facilities and is surrounded by some of the best hospitals in the nation--as well as highly regarded institutions like MIT & Harvard; together they foster a highly collaborative research culture. Despite the 'hospital' in its name, MGH is well-known for its literacy program--this is worth looking into, especially considering the growth and huge potential to improve literacy (especially in our professional field). Really, my deciding factor to decline MGH's offer of admission came down to cost. As I'm sure you already know, the program's tuition and the cost of living in Boston are remarkable. Still, the students who are/have been in the program have gained incredible learning and clinical experience, and--let's be honest--the enjoyable city life that Boston offers. Ultimately, I think that you will have a lot of great opportunities at either school, and I wish you the best in your decisions moving forward :-)
  4. I haven't made a final decision to attend, but would like to go ahead and start a FB group for anyone who is thinking of (or already decided on) committing to SDSU. Please feel free to msg me so I can create a group! I'll post a link here once I do.
  5. Maybe I can help with the financial aid info--Dr. Stillman said that UT-Dallas typically awards some out-of-state students with in-state tuition scholarships. Some people have been awarded at the time of admission; others will be notified 1~2 weeks after they return from spring break (which they just finished)--you will probably hear back in 2 weeks at the latest. Good luck
  6. I’m having the same problem now, so your question really resonates with me even two years later. While I would love to live in Seattle (and be somewhere rainy!), I worry that the supply of MedSLP students that graduate greatly outnumbers the need of medical SLPs in the Seattle area. Moreover, I’m sure that this issue may start even earlier—as a CF, will you find the placement you wanted bc of the limited positions and the number of other highly qualified candidates? Initially, I would have chosen UW without a doubt, but after visiting SDSU and meeting students and faculty, I could see myself loving the program there. Like a previous poster said, it’s a good problem to have—to choose between two incredible schools, both with top-notch programs. I’m still hoping to visit UW before making a final decision. I’m not sure that you would still be on this site after 2 yrs, but if you do see this, would you mind sharing which program you chose and your thoughts on it in regards to helping you towards working in the medical field? Thank you :-)
  7. Congratulations! :-) I only found this feed now, but I am definitely considering attending SDSU!
  8. The doodle is likely more for her own references (i.e. to recruit/organize graduate students/faculty to help give tours of the clinics). I don't think it has anything to do with a surprise interview
  9. Check your spam--sometimes Dr. Tsao's emails will end up there!
  10. Incredibly thankful for the option to decide among my top choices. I hope that visiting the schools firsthand will nudge me toward a particular school :-) Good luck! Applied: UT Dallas, CSUF, SDSU, UW (MedSLP), MGH Accepted Waitlisted Rejected
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