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  1. Haha! We have the same interests!! I am certain I want to do peds and bilingualism. Was also bummed about the HABLA lab closing. I have never been to Tempe or visited the program so I am going to the upcoming open house in hopes that it will help me make my decision but I'm also concerned that it's going to make my decision even harder! One thing that my mom said to me when I expressed my concerns about the heat was that you're going to be going from your air conditioned house to your air conditioned car/bus to the air conditioned clinic or wherever else it is that you're going. I agree with feeling like you can't go wrong though! Keep me updated on where you choose
  2. I wasn't aware of any scholarship due before Feb 1st but oh well. They do not give out the tuition waivers before you accept the offer. In fact, I don't think you find out about those until after you already get there! Are you applying for the bilingual program? I'm also curious what your pros and cons between the two schools are?! I'm so torn between the two!
  3. Yes I have heard that there is a limited amount of departmental funding but have not heard anything about when they allocate the funds. I'm out of state also but am deciding between ASU and UT so either way those are both out of state for me. Either way I will be in debt but fortunately I have no undergrad debt but I am still trying to consider which school would be less expensive. See you at the open house! I'm very excited
  4. Hey! I'm wondering about the same things, have you heard anything new yet?
  5. Hi all! I also got accepted to ASU and am strongly considering it for their bilingual program. I got the email about the prisms grant and will definitely be applying. I am however very torn between ASU and UT-Austin so finding out about some funding would definitely make a difference. I will definitely be attending the open house because I'm hoping that will help me make my final decision. Does anyone know when we would find out about any possible funding or when the decisions about the Prisms grant? If anyone made a fb page I would also love to join! If not I can maybe make one!
  6. Oh wow that's amazing! I didn't think I would apply for anything because my parents do make good money and will still be paying for my rent and living expenses but some of my schools are very expensive, up to $70,000 for tuition so it would be great to get some money! Thanks for the info
  7. When you applied for the FAFSA as an independent/for grad school did your parents still help you with some stuff? Also did you lose any benefits by not having your parents claim you anymore? I have no idea how to do the FAFSA but need to start applying because I am going to have full responsibility for my grad school tuition.
  8. So I've been reading through a lot of the posts here and it seems like a lot of people are basing their decision off which school is the least expensive or where they get funding. I just wanted some feedback on this because I applied to a lot of highly ranked programs, all out of state and then one school a little lower ranked but still great that's in-state. So just out of curiosity what are you basing your decision off and if it's money, why?
  9. Hi, I just got an email with an invitation to attend their open house in February. I was wondering if anyone else who applied was planning on attending this? I haven't yet made up my mind if I will be!
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