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  1. I know admissions likes to see a variety of recommendations.. So getting 3 LOR's from BCBA's from the same company wouldn't be the best idea. I talked to the department head of a program and she also works closely with ASHA and their accreditation process, the year I applied there I had the 3 people from my job write me letters (1 OT, 1 BCBA and 1SLP), She told me letters should be from a variety of people and settings such as academic professors and/or supervisors and one coworker if need be. Hope this helps
  2. Yea it’s tough.. it took me 4 cycles.. keep your head up. I do think “applying smart” is ok but don’t rely on asha edfind. I would recommend applying to NEW programs, spring/summer semester and reach out to schools personally.
  3. Listen guys, I spent there last 4 years trying to get in to a program.. This discussion board can be disheartening, and you may feel like you'll never get in because everyone else is so impressive.. But there is hope! I have loved this field for the last 6 years. I had a tough undergrad (2.8) GPA, took the GRE's 3 times never did well despite numerous classes (V145 Q 144 W 3.5). However my experiences as an SLP-A and LOR'S were amazing! Last year was going to be my last year applying.. I'm glad I didn't give up. You shouldn't either. IT'LL HAPPEN.
  4. Decisions have been made and we should hear within the next few days.
  5. I am thinking about applying to NYU's distance program. Any current students willing to share thoughts of the program and stats? DM if you'd prefer
  6. People who have been accepted to emerson distance. How long did it take to hear back? Also share your stats! Thanks
  7. Hey everyone, I am back again with a new question! Loans.. so I really don't want to work during grad school, so I can focus and obviously succeed. I've never applied for loans before and am a little nervous I wont get money for classes, housing and books. Anyone have any information for me?? Thanks!
  8. Hey everyone, I hope everyone is not going crazy with applications this year. I have decided not to apply this round.. Unless I do better on my GRE's. Anyone know of programs that do not require GRE's? feel free to message me or reply to this board! Thanks and GOOOOOOOD LUCK everyone
  9. Hey everyone, I hope everyone isn't as stressed as I am this application cycle. Just wanna know if someone could recommend me programs.. a little about myself, living in CA, Ive been an SLP-A for 2 years, undergrad was 2.9.. yea I know, post back is 3.64, GRE is Q150 V152 AW 3.. I have great LOR's and SOP's.. can anyone help guide me on schools that would be up my ally, feel free to DM me or reply to this post! yes I HAVE used ASHA defined but I am looking for personal experiences. Im still unsure if I trust defined lol. Thanks!
  10. Anyone else know of new programs? Just starting out or will start out?
  11. HEY EVERYONE! Anyone know of SLP/CSD masters programs that take place online/distance learning!? If possible please let me know when programs start Thanks!
  12. Is anyone still waiting to hear back from UMD and Emerson's the low residency program??
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